2016… And after?

Last day of 2015, time to look back to 2015 and to hope for 2016…

This exercice seems to be more difficult than ever this year because of the terrible events we experienced in Paris. It’s very hard to be enthousiastic and light when all  your certainties are shaken…

None the less, I personally think that only enthusiasm, love and hope will be helpful to build a better world for our kids. So, let’s be alive more than ever in 2016, keep dreaming and share these dreams with our kids!

The best gift we can give them is dream and hope. Without that, what to live would mean?

So happy 2016! Have lots of projects, love little things (and bigger ones 😉 )and be full of energy!

Sweet Cabane will be at your side to share its finds, its favourites,  its new encounters! Always with the same love of life and little things…

H A P P Y  2 0 1 6 !!!

See you on Monday with a great post by Lila who’ll share some food tips with you for a great start of the year!



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