At home with … #6 : Adrien and Gisela, Madrid

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At home with … #6 : Adrien and Gisela, Madrid

This month, we’re going to Madrid to meet Adrien and Gisela, a 32 years-old couple. They live in a very charming apartment block, 15 minutes far from Madrid downtown. This half-French, half-Argentine couple has moved from Paris a year ago because of professional need. Adrien works as a business developer and Gisela works ‘as a mother’, as she hasn’t yet found a new job. They’ve got two children : Clara, 9 years-old, and Baptiste, 3 years and a half.. 

Gisela tells us all about their family life in Madrid.

How do you organise your family life ? Clara goes to the Elementary School and Baptiste still goes to the Childcare center. I’m in the one in charge of taking them to school around 9 am. I also usually bring them back home at 5 pm. On Wednesday and Friday, they stop school earlier, at 1 pm. Adrien also stops working very early on Friday, which makes long weekends ;)!

On the evening, children play in the backyard or at the swimming-pool for a long time, as Spanish children usually do. Adrien and I share the housework : he cooks and I bathe the chidren and I set the table. We dine altogether. Before sleeping, Adrien reads stories to Clara, and I sing some songs to Baptiste (I don’t really like reading stories).

Can you give us easy recipes for dinner with children?  Grilled vegetable tart is a must : some ready-to-cook puff pastry, frozen vegetable, 3 eggs, some ricotta cheese and thick cream. When we want to cook something special, we love making some smoked salmon cheesecake (recipe at the bottom of the post).

For a snack in the afternoon? Baptiste usually takes a snack at the Childcare center, but Clara is very hungry when she comes back from school!  She’s fond of bifrutas, a mix of fruit juice and milk , small rice cakes with chocolate and compotes.

What do your children like doing at home ? They like playing with board games like Pictionary  (even Baptiste can play with us!)  or Mysteries of Peking... We also aften cook and make some cupcakes : it’s my specialty 😉 !

What are your favourite children books? Concerning Baptiste, we love a Spanish book about toilet-training : Puedo mirar tu pañal  …We also love reading to him all Monsieur Madame books. Clara loves reading by herself the Tea Stilton collection books, or Comment  Wang-Fo fut sauvé by Marguerite Yourcenar, and L’homme qui plantait des arbres by Jean Giono

What is your favourite family restaurant in Madrid ? Here, all the restaurants are family friendly, which is quite different from Paris! They all have a high-chair and children are welcome! We enjoy going to the Tagliatella : pasta, pizza and scrumptious homemade risotto! … We also like going to the Lateral restaurant : a very good and modern tapas restaurant.

A place to go with children during the weekend? We love going to the Juan Carlos park, just near our house : a big playground, bicycling , fishing, and picnic places.

The San Lorenzo de El Escorial royal estate is also a great place to go with children during the weekend. It’s about one hour far from Madrid. There’s a lake, a castel and a gigantic park. Children just feel as if they were living in the Middle Age : they can imagine lots of awesome stories!

A big thank to Adrien et Gisela!

As a bonus, here you can find Gisela smoked salmon cheesecake’s recipe : 

Ingredients  (serving 10):

  • 140 g butter
  • 220 g  crakers 
  • 400 g ricotta cheese or Philadelphia
  • 100 g fromage blanc 
  • 4 eggs
  • Lemon juice (1 lemon)
  • 8 smoked salmon slices (200g)
  • 1 bunch of chives

Preheat the oven at 160º C. Melt the butter. Crush the crackers and mix them with the melted butter. 

Put the mixture at the bottom of a baking tin and squeeze it.

Mix the ricotta cheese with the fromage blanc, the eggs and the lemon. Add the smoked salmon cut into small parts and the chives. Salt and pepper. Pour the mixture into the tin. Bake it in the oven for 40 minutes at 160°C. Then let the cheesecake cool at room temperature. Store it in the frifge for at least 4 hours before serving. 

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