At home with #7 : Alice and her son Tim, London

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At home with #7 : Alice and her son Tim.

Alice is a young 34 years-old French mum living in Notting Hill, London. She works in Soho where she’s created her own business. She’s the mother of Tim, 5.  She tells us all about her daily organisation and she givres us good ideas about which recipes, books, leisure and activities to do with a little boy… 

How do you organise Tim’s daily life?  I don’t live anymore with his father, but he takes care of Tim one week on two. We both live near from Tim’s school so it’s easy : after my week, I take Tim to school on Monday morning and his father takes him back to his place on the afternoon.

When Tim lives with you, how do you organise your daily life? We take our time in the morning : we wake up at 8 am and have breakfast, then Tim returns to bed for a moment. As we live not far from the French school, we arrive late! His nanny takes him back home, or bring him to activities (judo, swimming) or playdates (she lives at his dad’s but she takes care of him even when he’s at home).

I’m coming back home around 6.30 pm, after his dinner. Then Tim and I take time to talk together about the day, to play and to read stories. During the week, there’s a ‘no ipad’ police.

What do you usually like cooking during the week? The nanny usually cooks for the dinner but sometimes it’s me. I like making ‘pasta con brocoli’ as my Italian friend taught me (see recipe at the end of the interview). I also sometimes cook some butter-fried gnocchis or make a Quiche Lorraine.

What snack Tim usually takes after school? Some Bonne Maman’s madeleines or other French biscuits (I’m a bit nostalgic), and some fresh fruits such as raspberries or strawberries.

What are Tim’s favourite games at home? We love playing with his wooden train circuit : we construct it together, then Tim plays with it for a long time. We also enjoy cooking together very easy recipes, such as the chocolate fondant by Marlette (see earlier article there).

Which books do you usually read together ? At this time, we love reading The body by Kididoc  (Nathan). But what Tim likes above all is the Ptit Garcon‘s colllection (Fleurus editions) : charming and vivid pictures about masculine themes such as transports ( Leon’s truck or Gaston’s plane) . Another funny book is What’s in the witches kitchen  : very funny and imaginative animations!

A game to recommend? Hungry Hungry Hippos by Hasbro : fast and funny! Tim also enjoys going out in the garden to play with toboggan or in his garden’ shed. When it’s raining, he loves snails’ hunting!

What is your favourite family restaurant ? We love going to Pizza East : a trendy place for families. They cook delicious pizzas, such as the one with burrata cheese and truffle oil  (yummy!). Children can make as much noise as they want… and parents can appreciate the lovely decoration 😉 !

Where do you like going together during the weekend?

The London Zoo in Regent’s Park is a must : we love the transparent pinguins’ swimming pool, the snakes, and the extraordinary butterflies’ tent. Tim also loves the birds of prey ‘s show.  If the weather permits it, we go there by Waterbus from Little Venice : 30 minutes of bucolic ride… So charming!!!

We also like going to the children’s playground of the Science Museum : a tremendous sensory children’ s place where kids can play with water and make some experiences.

Thanks a lot to Alice for this interview!

Here you can find her ‘Pasta con brocoli’ recipe : 

Cut the brocoli into dices and pour them into boiling water with small pasta (such as pasta shells or stars). Cook them till the pasta is al dente. Then drain them while keeping a small quantity of water with the pasta to starch it.  Put the pasta with the water in a pan and add a tablespoon of single cream. Stir it and cover the saucepan for a few minutes. It’s very soft and creamy! I sometimes add some smoked salmon, ham or cheese. 

Hope you’ve liked this interview,

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