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This week, let’s meet Audrey and Patrick, who moved from Lyon to Paris a year and a half ago. Audrey is a mother of 3 :  a son, Auguste (11 years old) and two little girls, Adèle (3 years old) and Madeleine (3 months old). They live together in a lovely apartment on the Parisian left bank.
Audrey is a press officer and Patrick works for public administration.

Audrey tells us here about her Parisian daily life and gives us some tips and good addresses.



What do you think of Parisian life?
To my surprise, I love almost everything in this city! There is almost everything and there is always something going on. Every day, I discover new places and new things to do : exhibitions, walks, meetings, projects …
Only one small criticism, the frantic pace of people on the street who can push you because they are often in a hurry 😉

Is it easy to live in Paris with a family?
Yes it is ! We are lucky to live near the Luxembourg gardens where children like to go and play with friends ;). We are in a rather peaceful and quiet area. I do not see much difference between my life in Lyon and my life in Paris, …the big difference may only be the cost of living that is much higher.

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane

What are your favorite places for a family outing?
We spend a lot of time in Parisian gardens, such as the Luxembourg Gardens, the Jardin des Plantes, and sometimes the Jardin d’Acclimatation.
We also like wandering in the Marais streets, or, when it’s rainy,  visiting museums such as the Louvre, the Vuitton Foundation, or the Great Gallery of Evolution.

What activities do you like to do with your family in Paris?
We love to go to the cinema, ride our bikes or simply go for a walk … What we mainly like is to be together.

Your best addresses for coffee shops, tea rooms or restaurants with family?

Bread and Roses (rue de Fleurus, Paris 6) to enjoy a good pastry. In the summer, we like to go to the Great Mosque,  located just in front of theJardin des Plantes to drink a mint tea and enjoy an oriental pastry. Le Hibou restaurant (Odeon crossroads), for their brunch and their  kids’animation on Sundays. Finally, Le Bon Marché’s Italian restaurant, Primo Piano … kids love it because then they usually go to the toys department just after lunchtime 🙂

Your best shopping addresses for kids?
I mostly shop online for them … I really like the online site Smallable, as well as their shop located rue du Cherche midi : their selection is wonderful!
Otherwise, I go to Yellow Flamingo‘s online shop, where I found wonderful baby clothes for Madeleine.



Credit photo : Sweet Cabane
Credit photo : Sweet Cabane
Credit photo : Sweet Cabane

You are now a mother of three children. To what entent has Madeleine’s birth changed (or not) your mother’s habits?

Let’s say that I am more and more organized to manage everyone and be free whenever everyone needs it. BabyMadeleine is a real groundhog so she does not take much space, but she does not like to be alone … and let it know!

What activities do your children like to do at home?
Adele loves painting, Auguste enjoys playing chess and board games . They also like to sit down to read books or play legos together.

Credit photo : Sweet Cabane
Credit photo : Sweet Cabane
Credit photo : Sweet Cabane

What are your favorite children readings?
The generous tree (which I recommend: it is beautiful); You are all my favorites, My Little Nights stories and many more … we are a fan of children’s books.

Finally, do you have an easy and quick recipe to make as a family?
Kids love when I make some French crêpes filled with cheese and ham or jam/sugar.


Many thanks to Audrey for this lovely interview! You can find her on Instagram @audrey5octobre.

See you soon for a Spring recipe!

Lots of love,


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