Berta, restaurant owner in Barcelona

Today, I’m very happy to meet a mother full of great energy and projects ! Berta, 42, is the mother of three kids (10, 8 and 5 years-old) and manages a successful restaurant in Barcelona, Parking Pizza, with her husband Marcos.

After a career in the catering industry, she decided to change her work to try to reconcile it with family life, but without forgetting her passion for catering.

Berta tells us here about her passion, her projects and her daily organisation as a working mum. 


What was your work before launching Parking Pizza?

I started my career working for Esther Conde Catering. There I developped a really exciting work, full of creativity .. but also full of hard and intensive work, however in those times there where no kids!!! So I was absolutely free to work.

Later on, I worked as a restaurant managerin another big catering firm. I really have very good memories of those days in which I could intensively develop my job, sharing knowledge, learning every day with my teamwork and enjoying every moment. Definitely I feel good with dynamism and creativity!

But children arrived….and with them my duties as a mother. And eventually I had to accept  that my priorities also started changing….It was very hard to combine both family and a kind of job that involved working at night, during the weekends and so on… Moreover, Marcos wass also involved in restaurants which made the situation even more complicated.

It was time to stop and think about an other way of working that permits a more balanced way of life.


How did it come to your mind to create this restaurant?

Well, in fact, Parking Pizza is not a restaurant. Marcos and i call it “Pizza Bar”. We wanted to create a very fresh and informal place, where the simplicity and the quality have a great strength. And so we’ve tried to focus our efforts on that!

Besides, we also needed to visit the avant-garde cities around the world to discover special places in order to feed our ideas.

For me it’s so great to work with my husband Marcos as we share the same concerns. I believe we make a good team 😉 !

Crédit photo : Berta Bernat
Crédit photo : Berta Bernat
Crédit photo : Berta Bernat
Crédit photo : Carolina Ferrer

Could you describe your everyday job ?

When we started this business, one year ago, I used to spend a lot of time there, mainly in the kitchen to train the staff, and to to be sure that everything wast as we wanted. Every day, and every night…After a few months, we got a great team there and I could “get out of the kitchen”! So now, I can delegate and concentrate my efforts on supervision.

Crédit photo : Berta Bernat
Crédit photo : Carolina Ferrer

What do you like in your job?

Everything!! I adore the atmosphere we have created, the team, the food we serve, the wonderful guests we have, thinking about new dishes…!! And also the freedom it gives having a business that works well!!

In your opinion, what is harder in your job?

Well I don´t feel it like “hard”!! I have flexible timetables and I do what I love… At the beginning, when we opened, it was quite hard to work at night and during weekend. But the most difficult was the stress to open a new business and to not know if people would like it.

Crédit photo : Berta Bernat
Crédit photo : Berta Bernat

How do you manage to reconcile work and family life?

Fortunately, we have a great team that permits us to achieve that desired balance. For me, it’ s not hard at all, as we have a fantastic work team, and the business works properly.

Do you have some good tips to share for everyday life when you’re a busy mum ?

Well, in my early days of working mother, I used to get stressed because I wanted to do all by myself. Over time I learnt that it’s better to do less and do it “slowly”. Children do not like the rush. Everything goes better when things are calmly done. An other great tip is to involve your partner in the tasks relating to children.

What is your daily organisation with kids?

Routine, Routine and routine!! That’s what I feel children need. The fewer improvisations, the better for all of us !!My priority is to be with themevery evening.

We also have a nanny to help us :  when kids are very young you need “hands”, but as they grow up, they need your “attention”, so the role of the nanny is getting increasingly reduced to housework now.

Crédit photo : Berta Bernat
Crédit photo : Carolina Ferrer

What are your professional projects for the future?

I would like to work in a new project soon!!! We have plenty of ideas and energy, :)))

What advices would you give to a mum that would like to create her own business?

  • Manage forces
  • Seek help
  • Fight…


Many thanks to Berta for sharing her work like and her exeprience here.

If you go to Barcelone, please go by Parking Pizzza. By then, you can have a look at their website here or at their Instagram account to see their delicious pizzas and meals 😉

Have a very good week,



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