Eating well with Lila #1 : Chinese radish

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Eating well with Lila #1 : Chinese radish

Sweet Cabane starts today a new appointment in the ‘Healthy Food section’, which consists of some good advices and easy recipes to eat seasonal food.  Lila, a dietician specialised in children’s nutrition, will write these articles.

You will find lots of good advices and easy recipes to eat healthy in every season!

Thanks a lot to Lila for her participation to Sweet Cabane! We both hope you’ll like this article!


We’re now in January, time for good resolutions 😉 …I start this new section with a very detoxifying January vegetable : Chinese radish.

We harvest Chinese Radish, also called Parisian horseradish, at the end of summer and eat it during winter. Chinese radish is entirely edible! Its advantages : low fat, excellent for health and digestion.

It is perfect, just after Christmas to relieve the liver and to eliminate waste and toxins.  Moreover, this vegetable is full of potassium nitrate, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It will also help you to stimulate your immune system during winter because it’s full of vitamin C (a lot more than orange juice indeed!)

How to choose Chinese radish? When you buy it, make sure that it is firm and rather smooth. Like all roots, you have to store Chinese radish in a cool place. You can keep it for at least 3 weeks.

How do we eat it ? First, to eat Chinese radish, it’s better to peel it. Then, you can eat it when it’s raw or cooked. Good to know : when you cook it,  it’s less prickly! You can sweeten it mixing it with fromage blanc or soaking it in salt.

Here there are some easy recipes that will help you to eat Chinese radish :

Chinese radish sauté

For 2 servings : one big Chinese radish, a small amount of butter. 

Peel the radish and cut it into small slices. Put some butter in a pan and add the radish slices. Fry at high heat. When the slices are getting colored, lower the heat and cook it for a few minutes. Chinese radish has to remain firm. This recipe is perfect with fat meat because it will help to digest.

Chinese radish carpaccio

Cut into very fine slices a big Chinese radish and add some lemon juice, a small amount of rape or olive oil, and some salt.

Chinese radish tapenade : just perfect for aperitif !

For 3-4 servings : 200 ml  fromage blanc, salt and pepper, a small Chinese radish, lemon juice, a few aragula leaves, and some bread.

Peel and mix the Chinese radish. Add some fromage blanc and lemon juice. Put the mixture on  some bread slices and sprinkle the aragula leaves on top of it.

Chinese radish salad

For 4 servings : 1 Chinese radish, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 1 teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of Wine or Xeres vinegar, 3 teaspoons olive oil.

Peel and cut the Chinese radish in slices and prepare the vinegar dressing, mixing all the ingredients together.

Chinese radish is also very good to eat just on a slice of bread with salted butter. 

To start a detox diet

You can make a Chinese radish juice and drink a tablespoon twice to six times a day. Don’t drink more than 100 ml a day! To prepare your juice, use a juicer. You can store it 24 hours in a fridge. You can also buy some Chinese radish juice at the pharmacist’s.


Thanks to Lila for these good advices! As you can see through the photos I took, I’ve already tried some of her recipes : very easy-to make and tasteful!!

See you soon for a great mum’s interview!

Have a lovely week (we hope it will be better than last week,…)



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