Le Grand Jour : L’enfance de tous les possibles

Le Grand Jour, Pascal Plisson, Sweet Cabane

Le Grand Jour : L’enfance de tous les possibles. Sorry : I haven’t completely translated this post in English because it talks about a French documentary. To sum up, this documentary is about four kids living around the world : one in India, another in Cuba, then another one in Ouganda and the last one in Mongolia. All of them have big projects that can change their lives. We follow them during the last two weeks before their exams, during…

L’agenda culturel de Julie #5 : Septembre

Julie’s cultural agenda #5 : September. This is nearly the end of Summer and the Rentrée is coming, as we call the beiginning of school in September. A hard time indeed for both parents and children! So let’s escape from monotony and stress thanks to this rich cultural family programme! Osiris, swallowed up mysteries at the Arab World Institute (IMA) Ancient Egypt mysteries are revealed at the Arab World Institute this Fall : more than 300 discoveries are displayed, result of…

It book #8 : Serafina la Girafe

Let’s discover an old book written by the French Laurent de Brunhoof in 1961 and reedited by Helium in 2014 : The Giraffe Serafina. A precious children book with lots of adventures, humour and unexpected development. For children between 3 and 6 years-old.   Have a lovely week, Emilie.

Making an herbarium

Making an herbarium. During our summer holidays in the French countryside, the kids and I decided to start an herbarium to keep memories from our long walks and places we went to. After collecting fresh herbs (verbena, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil), flowers (hydrangea, roses, jasmine) and leaves (magnolia, prunus), we made them dry out under a pile of books for seven days. Then we stuck them in a notebook and wrote the name, the date and the place of collection….

Our favourite summer workbooks

cahiers d'été, Sweet Cabane

This is a selection of French workbooks for kids. I’ve selected them according to the age of the kids. Unfortunately, I think they’re mainly French ones. So forgive me this time again ;)! Next post (on Thursday), I will talk dietetics with our nutrionist Lila : she will select all the good summer food that helps to have a radiant and healthy complexion. Of course,  it will be translated in English. *** For older ones Petit cahier de géographie : jouez à réviser vos classiques! Collection…

Julie’s cultural agenda #3 : Summertime

Summer is finally here! Time to have a rest, to enjoy life, to be completely destressed …and to mix culture and holidays with kids! Kid shows in the “In » Avignon Festival For instance, you can go the the Riquet show that seems to be very funny! More information on the Festival d’Avignon‘s website. kids’ photo workshops at Les Rencontres d’Arles More information on  Les rencontres d’Arles‘ s website. Art holidays’ notebook A great way to have fun with your kids while learning…

Juli’s cultural agenda #3 : June

Mini branchés - Sweet Cabane

This Monday, I let Julie, from Mini Branchouille cultural blog for kids, show you her cultural agenda for the whole family… *** Here comes the sun ! The month of June is arriving with its insane temperatures, sorbets, first diving in the swimming pools. Starting the beginning of this week, the sandales will once again be hitting the concrete, the blue jeans will be rolled shorter and the will of travelling growing. To help you wait  to feel the sand under your…

Julie’s cultural agenda #2 : May

Today, Julie Lautier, our culture specialist, gives us all the laces to go with children in Paris, London and all over France! *** Forget April Fool, May is coming full of lilies of the valley as well as of shows, exhibitions and many other surprises. Here is May’s cultural agenda ! Lento: the circus within the « Théâtre de la Ville » (Paris) Early May, let’s pop to the circus, not below the tent but inside the vast « Théâtre de la Ville »….

The Big Bad Wolf

La peur du loup, Sweet Cabane

The Big Bad Wolf.  Today we talk about a both light and deep topic : the fear of the wolf. We will try to explain this human timeless fear and give you some ideas about interesting children books dealing with the Wolf. I’ve asked some blogger mums to help me in this selection : Coline se raconte, Galex la Fée, Mini Branchouille and French Mômes. It’s also a good occasion to go and have a look at their websites! Why do…