These applications to relax our children

How to relax  our children in this complicated period for all the family. If psychologists remind to us the importance of dialogue , they also explain that to reassure children and  have their attention come us , they need to be quiet . Many of us have noticed an unusual excited behavior on our kids, at home and at school. To help them to cool down, a lots of applications are very interesting , especially as of today

Petit Bambou kids and Zenfie kids – on smartphones

 These two applications offer very simple exercises to discover meditation and teach children how recognize their emotions. Zenfie kids also tells stories (for children over three years) and help them to express their concerns.

Bamboo kids – free application on Iphone and Ipad
Zenfie kids – Available on Apple Store and Google Play

“La petite grenouille”, meditation for children on Youtube

This method for children aged 4 to 10 years is simple and very effective to drive out negative ideas. Many sessions from the book ” Calme comme une grenouille ” by Eline Snel ( Arena Editions ) are accessible on youtube.

La petite grenouille – Free meditation on youtube

“Et si la nuit !”  A nice story for sweet dreams

To change the ideas of our children, there’s nothing such as hearing a good story before going to bed. And if you don’t have enough time to read a story every night, this application does it for you . It can also be a good solution if your kid is afraid to be alone and to reassure him in his bed. Poetic and full of sweetness, these stories are accompanied by particularly brilliant animated illustrations .

“Et si la nuit” – € 6.99 , available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac

“Heyhey Colors”, to relax differently

Everybody is ok to admit the values of coloring.   Art Therapy enables kids to focus and evacuate bad ideas . Heyhey Colors is really one of the best application in this area. Very graphic , it’s also very fun for children to use to these color bombs and clouds brushes.

Heyhey Colors € 2.69 , available on iPhone and iPad 

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