Warm and comfy shoes for kids

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Warm and comfy shoes for kids


In Paris, the weather has turned very cold and cloud y, so we’re really are in Autumn! Here you can find my own sélection of children’s shoes (boys, girls and toddlers).

Note that the shoes presented on the home page are from Pèpè shoes.

Selection 1

From left to right, top to bottom :

1. Boots DPAM with zip.

2. Desert Boot, suede,, Clarks Orginals : Mythical boots, now available for children!

3. Boots Clotaire x Bonton for boys and girls. 100% leather

4. Babies Suede Léopard beige, Annabel model, Starte Rite. 

5. Bottines à franges 0-36 mois Boutchou Monoprix : sooo cute !!!

6. Girls’ shoes Manuela de Juan , golden nubuck.


Selection 2

From left to right, top to bottom : 

1. Boots Nioupi Basile Pom d’Api. Toddlers (18-23). Leather

2. Grey Salomé shoes 0-36 monthes Boutchou Monoprix

3. Boots Bonton ‘sans gêne’. Lambskin and wool.

4.  Boots boys DPAM

5. Brown Boot sfor toddlers Milocho, Leather, interior wool, Little Mary

6. Boots Retro Back Dots Pom d’Api with zip.From 20 to 29. Leather.

And you, what are your favorite children’s shoes?

Have a lovely day,


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