Do It Yourself : reuse & design

DIY painting / painted furniture

DIY painting / painted furniture
DIY painting / painted furniture
DIY painting / painted furniture
Do It Yourself : reuse & design

I love renewing old pieces of furniture! It is what I’ve already done with the children bedrooms : I bought old pieces of furniture on Ebay, then I renewed them!   I love the retro design style painting gives to furniture. Personnally I’m fond of discrete colors like grey, off-white,… light pink. But you can opt for strong red or yellow to give a more pop allure to your piece of furniture.

Here you can find how I’ve done to renew my old 50’s table : 

Tools :

  • abrasive paper grain 120 (better with the help of a sandre machine)
  • painting undercoat
  • brush 60 for big areas
  • brush 30 for small areas
  • estate eggshell paint  (ask for what volume you need to the seller)
  • light abrasive paper 320 grain to use between each pains layer

1. First wash the piece of furniture with soap and water. Sand the whole area with abrasive paper grain 120. Be careful to sand in the same direction as the wood veins. Then clean the area with a dry duster.  

2.  Put the undercoat (taking into account the wood veins). Let the area dry for a few hours. Sand with abrasive paper light grain 320 . Clean with the duster.

4. Paint the area (always taking into account the wood veins direction). Let the area dry from 24 to 48 hours (depending on what it’s written on the painting recipient).

5. Then, sand once again with light abrasive paper. Clean with the duster. Paint the area for the second time. 

6. If needed, paint the piece of furniture a third time as said previously.

Now you have a beautiful and modern new piece of furniture!

See you soon!


  • Article très intéressant.
    Description claire et précise , permettant une réalisation relativement facile.
    Une nouvelle façon de donner un nouveau look à notre environnement..

  • Très joli rendu, j’adore les tonalités des coloris que vous employez, cela donne une finition “poudrée” qui me plait beaucoup. Utilisez-vous toujours la marque de peinture Farrow Ball pour vos relookings ? Savez-vous où je pourrais la commander sur Internet ? Merci d’avance, Caroline

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