Sweet Fall

During this last Autumn break we stayed mainly in the countryside where we took full advantage of the joys of nature and Fall. Simple days, punctuated with board games, patisserie, long walks and Halloween preparation …

Here is  a small flashback in pictures on these holidays,  which were also an opportunity for me to devote myself limitlessly to photography 😉




Our home in the countryside
Our home
Just an ordinary morning…
Our afternoons when the sun was gone… 😉
Tea time…



And a lot of walks into the woods…
My Sweet Girl
Little elf enjoying the countryside as much as possible…
Obsessed with football



Halloween preparations
Our guests
Our pumpkin cake ‘Special Halloween”
Favourite Little witch


And, to finish a self portrait by my daughter Anna… 🙂



I hope you enjoyed this interlude. If you want to try our Pumpkin cake recipe, you can find it in Sweet Cabane’s archives here.

You may have noticed that the site has changed a little bit and has returned to a more “blog” mood, with which I feel more comfortable at this time. There is also a new  “Work with Me” section which explains a little better my work 😉

Let’s meet again next week for an autumn soup recipe (the one I promised you two weeks ago, but that I had no time to write during these busy holidays with the kids … So sorry!).

Have a lovely week,

Emilie xx.


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