Elisa and Denis, Paris

This Monday, we go and meet a Parisian family. Elisa, 38, was already mom of Jules (10 years old) when she met Denis, her partner, with whom she had Lou and Mia, aged 4 and 2.

Elisa is a luxury shop manager. In the meantime, she writes for her family blog Et Dieu Crea and works as a freelancer on various projects (digital content, photoshooting, writing, DIY). Her partner is a web manager.

Elisa tells us here all about their everyday life in Paris and gives us family tips to happily live in the city. Full of great ideas !



Is it easy to live in Paris when you’re a family?

We are not originally from Paris : I arrived here 13 years ago, after living in San Francisco, and Denis has been living here for only eight years. I do not know if it’s easy to live in Paris but this is our home, and we love it! The parks are numerous and public transport is well-structured: it allows us to deeply explore the city. But now, we dream of greenery and a large family house in Ardèche.

Crédit photo : Et Dieu Créa
Crédit photo : Et Dieu Créa

What are your favourite family activities in Paris?

We love having long walks, going where the fancy takes you. Sometimes we play the tourists and we visit places real Parisians don’t, like the Eiffel Tower or the Bateaux Mouches (tourist river boats).

What are your favorite muséums ?

We love the Museum of Fairground Arts (Musée des Arts Forains) and the Museum of Hunting (Musée de la Chasse) : both are funny places and each of them awakens imagination in its own way. They are also perfect when you have children of different age. We also love visiting the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution.

IMG_9164.jpg_effected (1)

The most family friendly places in Paris ?

In general, I think Paris is less family friendly than cities like Brussels, for instance. But it’s getting better and better! Now there are places dedicated to families, such as Happy Families,  and other places are more family friendly, such as our favourite crêperie : Patakrep.

What are your favorite family restaurants?

We particularly like La Recyclerie in the 18th : this is a responsible coffee shop, with a urban farm look. It is housed in a former railway station.

Another place we really enjoy going to in Paris is Deyrolle in the 6th arrondissement : this place is THE cabinet of curiosities that make children dream.


An easy recipe for a family dinner?

My minute recipe for dinner is Chicken Saltimbocca : chicken breast on which we put a slice of Parma ham, parmesan, and sage or basil leaves. We roll them and held them with a small pike, pour some olive oil on top of them and cook them in the oven for 10-15 minutes! This is D E L I C I O U S  !!

Crédit photo : Et Dieu Créa
Crédit photo : Et Dieu Créa

How do you keep your kids busy when the weather is bad and you can not go outside?

We cook a lot and we always have family projects : snail or butterflies farming, mini garden, recycled paper in the making, …

Crédit photo : Et Dieu Créa
Crédit photo : Et Dieu Créa

What are your favourite children books?

Jules is fascinated by vampires books at the moment and loves the Manoir series of books. Lou likes stories with poetic illustrations, such as Bulle by Charlotte Demanie and Justine Brax. And Mia loves her Petit Pan colourful picture book !

imagier Petit Pan


Many thanks to Elisa, who gave us lots of good ideas for family activities, museums, … and who simply inspired us by her positive, fresh and creative vision of family life!

See you on Thursday to talk about Spring books …

Have a lovely week,



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