Eugénie de Mortemart, designer & illustrator

This Monday, we’re meeting a very creative mum with many projects. Eugenie, 36, is both a designer and an illustrator. She lives in Paris with her husband and her two children, Elie, 7, and Olga, 3 years old.

Here she talks about her work, her hobbies and her family life. Full of life and inspiring!


What is your job ?

I am both a designer and an illustrator. My work as a stylist mainly consists in photographing, arranging sceneries, playing with shapes and colors, but not necessarily for clothes. For example, I work as a photo director for Grand-Mercredi (a website dedicated to grandmothers), to help them to build their brand image. It’s captivating because everything still has to be done! This adventure started less than a year ago and it’s becoming more and more important for me  because there are a lot of things in development …

Crédit photo : Eugénie de Mortemart
Crédit photo : Eugénie de Mortemart

In parallel, I work as an illustrator and I draw mainly families with children : whether for clothing brands, or for individuals (invitations, greetings, etc.) … but I don’t have enough time to draw a lot!

What was your previous job ?

I was doing “style consultancy“, that is to say that I helped some women who had difficulty finding clothes that fit them. It was like a training. I did this for 10 years, for companies or individuals. Among others, I led a workshop once a week in a Paris hospital with anorexic teenagers.

I loved this job because it truly was in line with what I believed : that  is to say that the garment can help to feel better, and I am passionate about the ambiguous relationship that we have with mirror …

But I moved gradually  to something else…

What do you like about your current job ?

I like almost everything : from the freedom (I am constantly by mountains and valleys) to the creativity. I have no tehcnical competence in photographing, but I love composing images, add some poetry and, above all, play with colors. 

For Grand-Mercredi, I pass from one subject to another, from one photo to a future product, or to a collaboration with another brand … Everything concerning brand image.  And amid all this, drawings  … And my Instagram for fun. I love diversity above all!


Création d'Eugénie pour La Coqueta kids
Création d’Eugénie pour La Coqueta kids

What do you like less about your job?

In general, I’m working this with great enthusiasm, but even when we love what we do, “work remains work” so sometimes, I would love that there were nothing in the planning of the day 😉

How do you manage to reconcile private life and professional life?

I get my children every day from school at 4.30 pm and I stay wit them every Wednesday. So far, this works well … I get back to work again once the homework is finished. My office is at home, so I can work while children are playing in their room. They often come to  my office and show me a picture or ask me to dress a Barbie or to make a sword. It works like that!

Do you find difficult to reconcile work and family life ?

Obviously, there are few borders, I always work during holidays, or while my children are having a nap on Wednesday, everything is mixed up all the time. But I think I like it!

At home,  what special moment do you like?

I love when we come back from school and we have a snack in the garden. Kids tell me about their school day, what they ate for lunch…  I also used to listen to their conversation!

Crédit photo : Eugénie de Mortemart
Crédit photo : Eugénie de Mortemart

What moment do you find more difficult to manage?

When there is work emergency, lots of mails to answer back … and it’s bath time! I have the impression of doing nothing good. Also, when the children are sick, the  whole système is over, and things are getting very hard!

What advice would you give to a mum who would like to start a new business?

I do not have much advice to give because we all run different ways and what works for one will not necessarily work for another ..

Finally, have you good kids places on Paris to share with us?

  • Not at all glam but success guaranteed : the Playmobil Fun Park where kids can play  in a in a large area with their favourite toys!
  • The Little Theatre of Marionettes at Parc Georges Brassens in the 15th : forget Guignol and discover Punchinello!  Everything is lovely and funny.
  • All kids shows at the Lucernaire Theatre  in the sixth.
  • Then have a family lunch atLes Deux Cigales on Rue Brea.
  • You can go at Lin & Co in the same street : I have no baby at home, but I loved all kids products (round bed, sleeping bag etc.) in pretty colors of linen and without any pattern, which is quite hard to find!


Many thanks to Eugénie for this very sincere, full of life and good ideas interview …


You can follow Eugénie on Instagram @eugenieredmount .

Good week to you ! Be inspired and creative!



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