Family connexion #4 : Sophie, Grand-Mercredi’s co-founder

Sophie gaillet, Grand Mercredi, Sweet Cabane

Family connexion #4 : Sophie, Grand-Mercredi’s co-founder.

Today, Sweet Cabane goes and meets Sophie Gaillet, that founded Grand-Mercredi with Vincent Broux, the only French website and newsletter dedicated to grandmothers. We love their generous approach that aims at reinforcing the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. This is why we’re so happy to talk about this project here!

Crédit photo : Grand-Mercredi
Crédit photo : Grand-Mercredi

Sophie, how did it come to your mind to create Grand-Mercredi?

Vincent and I were working in the digital industry for years. But, one year ago, when I had my first child, I saw my mother changed and became completely dedicated to her granddaughter.Then we both started wondering what grand-parents’ role was and we realised that noboby really talked to grandmothers on the Internet. Today, grandmothers are rather young ( they became grandmothers between 53 and 56 years-old) , well-connected (smartphone, tablet,…) and often in charge of looking after their grandchildren from time to time. This how we decided to launch Grand-Mercredi.

What does Grand Mercredi aim at ?

it’s very simple : we just want to help grandmothers to take care of their grandchildren, proposing them some kids’ activities that are both easy and uncommon. Every Tuesday, at 9 am, our suscribers receive a newsletter by mail in which we give some ideas about parks, museums, family friendly restaurants, DIY…  For instance, we gave them the idea to learn sewing with their granddaughters! It was a success!

During holidays, our newsletter is enriched by lots of DIY ideas : easy-to-do, using only ordinary stuffs. We are really eager to help grandmothers to make some great memories with their grandchildren!

What would you advise parents to help them to improve their relationships with grand-parents … because sometimes it’s not that easy?

I would say they should remember that grandparents were parents before and that you have to respect what they say without automatically severely judging them. Think also that they just want your kid’s well-being, so even if they’re awkward or they mistake, you both have the same goal 😉 !

What ‘s happening next in Grand-Mercredi ?

We’ve recently found the only cinema in Paris that shows only classic movies. You can read more here ;))


Thank you very much, Sophie, for this interview. I just can say one thing  : go and have a look at Grand-Mercredi and invite your mum to suscribe to their newsletter!

Have a lovely day,

Emilie xx.


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