Family connexion #1 : Caroline, nounou

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Family connexion #1 : Caroline, nanny.

Sweet Cabane launches today a new appointment in the Family Life’s section : Family Connexion. We’ll talk about the persons who help, look after or protect the family members, such as pediatricians, grand-parents, nannies, teachers, and so on. We often forget to talk about these amazing people and I personally think it’s a pity!  On Sweet Cabane, we’ll interview them to higlight, each time, one person who’ll tell us all about her job/role in the family’s ecosystem.  

We start with Caroline, 69 years-old. She became a nanny just after she retired from her job as a PR manager in an ambassies in 2007. I’ve known her since the birth of my third child and she still occasionally takes care of my kids, besides her full time job as a nanny.  


Caroline, how did it come to your mind to become a nanny after retiring from work?

I retired from work in 2005, then I passed through a difficult time when I divorced…  I had just moved to Clermont-Ferrand, when someone I previously knew from my work asked me if I wanted to look after his baby girl in Paris… And I said ‘Yes’! It was a new start for me!  How proud I was to look after this cute little girl!! I loved taking her for a walk through Parisian streets… I was living like a student in a small bedroom but I loved that! Then, after this first experience, I continued being a nanny …and I still do!

What do you enjoy in this job?

I love bringing attention and love not only to children bu also to all family members.  It’s such a pleasure to see how these children are happy when you take care of them! It brings me hapiness! I try to do my best to make the family’s life easier and to permit mothers to share good time with their children when they comme back from work! For me, being a nanny is being part of the family. I feel lots of esteem from families! And, on my side, I love going to work… Monday is my Day!

What is your favourite moment with children?

Most of the time indeed 😉 … But, if I had to choose one moment, I would say when I take them for a walk through Paris : we sing, we listen to birds in squares… Just a bliss!

What is fundamental to build a strong relationship between the parents and the nanny? 

ON the parents’ side, it important to respect and trust their nanny. Then

As a nanny, on one hand, I must respect parents’ educational choices et be dedicated to children. But, on the other hand,  it’s important to command respect from parents and children! Good mannes are essential!

What are your hobbies when you don’t work?

In the evening and the weekend, I love reading, going to exhibitions or attending a conference… It’s part of a well-balanced life!

What would like to change to your present life?

Absolutely nothing! I’m very happy and I hope that I will be able to work as a nanny for a long time!


Many thanks to Caroline… I hope you’ve liked this interview! If so, it would be so kind to share this article on the social networks…

See you on Sunday to share an easy  Spanish recipe, perfect for summertime!

Emilie x.


  • Un joli témoignage de Caroline…
    Je profites de ce message pour vous dire que vous avez un très bel univers et j’adOooooOOOre vos recettes de cuisine !!!
    Bravo Emilie
    Très belle journée à vous

  • formidable témoignage ! passer de chargée de communication en ambassade ou en cabinet ministériel à nounou ce n’est pas banal ! génial ! et quelle nounou !
    j’attends la suite de ” ces héros du quotidien ” !

  • Les nounous … les “mamans des journées travaillées” pour moi … j’en ai eu deux, longtemps, que mes enfants adoraient. C’est un sacré métier et je garde un souvenir très tendre de la première qui s’est occupé de mon premier enfant dès ses 2 mois et demi. C’est une jolie rubrique que tu ouvres là Emilie.

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