At home with #5 : Bertrand and Cécile, Paris

at home with #5 - Sweet Cabane

At home with…#5 : Bertrand and Cécile, Paris

This month, we meet a Parisian family : Cécile, working as training manager in a big international firm, and Bertrand, business consultant. They have three children : Paul, 5 years-old, Louise, 2 years and baby Soline, 5 months.

In this interview, you will find tips about how to make children eat vegetable, very interesting children books, and activities to do at home and in Paris.

Who does what at home? In the morning, Bertrand takes the children to school and to the nanny’s meanwhile I go directly to work at 8 am. In the evening, that’s juste the opposite : I take back the children from the nanny’s around 7 pm. Then I bathe them and breastfeed Soline while Bertrand usually makes the dinner. We have dinner altogether aroung 8 pm : that’s a big moment for all of us because we are altogether which is  infrequent during the week! The children go to bed around 9 pm, after we read some stories to them.

What do you cook at night during the week? Two successful recipes : homemade pizza and the Shrek soup (very green 😉 !). For the pizza, we make the dough during the weekend, then we freeze it to use it during the week. On the top, we put some ham, artichokes, tomate sauce and mushrooms. Concerning the Shrek soup,  it’s very easy to make : you can use the Thermomix and pour in 500 g of frozen peas with 250 ml of water and some chicken stock. At the end, you can add some cream. Mix it. It takes only 15 minutes to make it! You can eat it with an egg. A delicious and complete meal! Of course, you make the same soup with a saucepan and a simple blender!

What do your children eat after school? Some easy-to-eat snacks because they eat while going back from school : compotes, biscuits or liquid yoghurts. Nothing special!

What do your children like to do at home?  Paul loves card games like Uno or Dobble… . The children play a lot together  and imagine games : they build boats, beds or cabins just with some packing boxes!

What are your children favourite books? At the moment, with our new baby’s arrival, we read a lot of books about brotherhood : a beautiful album You are all my favorites et Brothers and Sisters… Two wonderful books which help a lot brothers and sisters to find their place.But my favourite one is L’amour qu’on porte : a story about  filial love, generations, time… Everybody can read this book!

at home with #5 - Sweet Cabane

What is your favourite family restaurant? A chinese restaurant, located in the 15th, rue des Volontaires : La Maison du Bonheur. Very family friendly, good food and not too expensive!

Where do you go out with children during the weekend? We often go to the Musée en Herbe, Hérold street in 1st : interesting exhibitions and workshops for children from 2 to 9!

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Big thanks to Cécile and Bertrand ! Hope you’ve enjoyed the interview !

Have a great summer!

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