Interview mum at work #1 : Delphine

Chacun pour Soi

Interview mum at work #1 : Delphine

Observing how difficult it is to deal with work, home, children at the same time, I had the idea to make some women interviews to see how each one deals with that beautiful mess!

Our first interview is with Delphine, who’s heading Chacun pour Soi. She’s a Parisian mother of 3 daughters (16,14 and 9 years-old). Her husband is also a businessman.

Can you explain your job to us?

I’m managing Chacun pour Soi since 2013. It consists of personnalizing some objects thanks to a stencil : bags, linen sheets, boxes, cushions, shoes … I work alone and I do all that business by myself : from managing orders to marketing and delivering! I must say that I work a lot!!!

How has this job come to your mind?

I’d been raising my daughters for 13 years without having a job. Then 2 years ago, I decided to start working again but it was rather complicated : I studied Interior Design at school, so I was looking for a similar job… I was also attached both to have some independance and to be able to still be in charge of my family… Moreover, interior design methods have changed and I was afraid to deal with younger co-workers… It was not that simple!!!

When a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be in charge of Chacun pour Soi, the brand she had created, I was so happy! Now I really love this job : I’m a businesswoman, I can manage my work schedule and be at home! Just perfect!

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At home, how do your husband and you organize your family life? 

My husband usually works a lot, I’m the one in charge of the family life, except for the meeting with our children’s teachers. I try to precisely organize my everyday work : I work all day long on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, I stay with Lou (my youngest daughter) on Wednesday, and I deliver my orders on Friday. It could happen that I work during the evening. When there are special orders, like during Christmas time, I ask some help from other mothers I ‘m friend with.

What do you think of that organization ? Are there any drawbacks… Do you sometimes feel guilty?

I’m rather satisfied ! I manage to do everything quite well, I’m happy to be back to work… So I’m proud! …And so are my daughters! Before, I had sometimes the impression that I didn’t socially exist … even if I was “a family manager”!!!

I’ve also learnt to let things go…My daughters used to call me ‘Bree Van der Kamp’  😉 ! Now, everyone at home gives some help and is more autonomous! It’s good for everybody! … But it’s a bit more difficult for Lou : she sometimes blames me for not being at home as often as I used to…

What is one of your favourite moment at home ?

I love when children comme back from school. I often stop working at that time and we have a tea or a snack together while talking about the day.

What moment do you hate?

When, lat at night, I just want to have rest… and there’s still some housework to do  🙁 !!!

Can you recommend us someting to do in Paris with children?

I love reading the Telerama Guide ‘Sortir’ : a good selection of shows for children. We also love riding along the Seine river.

Thank you, Delphine!

You can find Delphine’s creations on her Tumblr page  Chacun pour Soi

Have a good day!

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