It book #3 : Curious George

Georges le petit curieux / Curious George

It book #3 : Georges le petit curieux.

Hello everybody,

For this third it book, let me introduce you to one the most popular books in children literature, which we pretty much like at home : Curious George, by Margret and H.A Rey.  The Complete Adventures of Curious George gather together all the 6 volumes of the little monkey’s adventures, published, between 1941 and 1966.

George is a friendly and extremely curious little monkey : he wants to discover the world, which makes him do foolish things!   George’s character stands for children’s curiosity : the need to touch, test  and try everything! At the end of each story, after a lot of adventures, George always finds the solution! A very optimistic philosophy of life for children!  

We follow George from jungle to New-York streets : he’s in turns window cleaner, circus anchorman, cosmonaut, newspapers’ delivery boy! The style is spirited and the text is very easy to read and to understand, even for young children. Illustrations are both funny and expressive, as if we were watching a cartoon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my short presentation of Curious George!

… And you, which are your favourite children’s books? Don’t hesitate to comment or contact me by message if you want to participate and write a post about it!!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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