Sweet little face

During wintertime, my kids are very sensitive to cold and wind and their skin is rapidly damaged. So, finding the right shower gel and skincare is very important for us to keep with a good skin!

I discovered a few weeks ago a very new French kids cosmetics brand called Minois Paris. It proposes skincare, floral water and shower gel with great natural ingredients, such as orange blossom, honey, and calendula. I was very eager to teste these products! And it was a success at home : all my kids, from 3 to 11 years-old, have loved it! The fragrance is subtle, the skin doesn’t remain greasy and, above all, it works! Their skin is no more irrated, after two weeks of treatment!

There a three ranges of products  :

  • Gel Délicat, a shampoo and shower gel;
  • Crème Douce to moisturise face and body
  • and Eau Légère, to refresh and perfume body and hair.

The icing on the cake is the packaging : retro and elegant design, which permits mums to exhibit them in their bathroom. Isn’t it perfect?

Price is not too expensive, from 20 to 24€.

You can find a small selection of Minois Paris on our shop for families. Shipping is worldwide.

Have lovely holidays!

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