Julie & Fred, Nantes

This Monday, we’re going to Nantes to meet Julie, Fred and their four children. Julie, 36, is responsible for human resources in a company and Fred, 45 years, is working in digital. Fred had already two sons, Marius and Malo, when both became parents of Angel, now 6 years old, and Jules, 13 months.

Julie tells their family life in Nantes, where they like to go as a family, what they like to do..



What do you love in this city?

I love the fact that Nantes is a big province city, which means it’s big but everything is easily accessible. It’s green, close to the sea. It is only 2 hours by TGV from Paris, 2 hours from my native Brittany. This is a city that is rich, open and dynamic : employment, digital, culture …

This is a very pleasant city to live, above all when you are a family. There are numerous schools. We chose Ange’s school 150 meters from the house. This makes life easier. Education is great, Angel loves going to school!

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo
Crédit photo @julie.flamingo

Fred works in the center of Nantes and I’m 10 minutes from my home by Vespa. We do not spend an hour in transport every day! I do not need a babysitter and we always manage to pick up our sons by ourselves at the nanny’s and at school.

Which activities do you like doing in Nantes?

We live in the center of Nantes, so the weekend, we can easily stroll through the streets, we often take a snack in town on Saturday. We like to go at the Lieu Unique to take a hot chocolate in the winter and a water mint on the sun loungers of the Loire in summer. We make memories in the old photobooth picture, children strum the piano keys in free disposal. ..

We also like walking  around the side of the Machines de l’Ile, to see the giant elephant or carousel marine worlds, absolutely wonderful wooden giants.

We love strolling in bookstores in search of beautiful books. Vent d’Ouest (at  Lieu Unique), Coiffard  and La Librairie du Café de la Branche have perfect children literature’s corners! Angel love going there leafing through ouvrages.

Time to time, we bring Angel in Le Lieu Magique, a fabulous little place that offers a magic show for the youngest. In summer, we love to do “the trip to Nantes” an artistic journey that the city of Nantes proposes to explore the city differently (perennial or ephemeral visual facilities in the parks, the Loire, museums, streets …).

We live near the Procé park, a kids friendly place to be: large wooded areas to run breathlessly to the scooter, playing with a duck pond, a track wooden bobsleds, carousel …

What are your favorite family friendly restaurants?

We love to go to the Sugar Blue Café, a very kids friendly American coffee shop. There are large convivial tables, board games. Angel loves cookies and the carrot cake. Coffee also is delicious. We also like Madam Bla, a small Scandinavian restaurant where children are very well welcome.

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo


What are your favorite family recipes ?

I am the queen of soup, the whole family love, even Angel who is a small sparrow : butternut / chorizo, potato / zucchini / Laughing Cow, vegetable peasant …

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo
Crédit photo @julie.flamingo

But, most of the time, it’s Fred who cooks with love for us. The dish we all love (teen, boys, baby, adults) because it is easy and delicious chicken is its chicken  with garlic and tarragon, cooked on a spit in our oven. This is our dish of Sunday noon, it wafts throughout the house and it makes us happy. The next day, we accomadate the remains  in Caesar salad (see recipe at the very end of the article) .

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo

When it’s raining, how you occupy children at home?

We really enjoy staying at home ! Our house is designed with a large main living room which mixes dining room and living room, where we spend a lot of time. But there are a lot of parts and crannies where one can isolats himself  and go about his occupations.

Ange has its own small office to draw. He inherited this gift from his maternal grandfather, my dad, who was an artist. So he spends several hours a day to draw. He has got very good material: a briefcase Posca, Stabilo pens, sheets of all sizes. Right now, he makes a giant card game.

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo
Crédit photo @julie.flamingo

We regularly play games like Who is this, Time’s up, Mistigri, Bataouaf, Uno, memory game, puzzle …

Jules often plays with his baby toys, often made of wood. He loves his store and his corchet made fruits and vegetable. Angel has the right to watch a cartoon on days when there is no school (the days of the TV class is not lit)

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo
Crédit photo @julie.flamingo

We also read a lot. Our library is full of children books. When I asked Angel what his favorite book of the moment was, he said without hesitation Orient-Express by Delphine Chedru (Helium editions), a book in the which a child is the hero. He made himself the story, which he likes a lot! Jules likes reading Ingela P Arrhenius‘  picture book : Animaux  (Marcel & Joachim editions). He received it for his first birthday :  the album is almost bigger than him, and I love the idea that hewill grow up with this book.

Crédit photo @julie.flamingo


Many thanks to Julie for this joyful and generous interview … just like her! You can find Julie’s ‘adventures’ on Instagram where you will never get tired of her superb account @ julie.flamingo !!

And finally … The recipe for Chicken with tarragon by Fred:

1 chicken for 6, 4 sprigs of tarragon, 2 cloves garlic, cut into quarters for the sharp sting, 40 g butter, pepper, salt. 1. Chicken emptied, cleaned and dried inside.

  1. Prepare the chicken with salt, pepper, butter chunk inside, tie it up (so that it takes on a spit) .
  2. 2. Pick fresh tarragon leaves & garlic everywhere under the skin (wings, legs, white etc …). Reserve a few leaves of tarragon for jus.3.
  3. Butter chicken outside (or better melt a little butter and coat with a brush chicken) .
  4. . Skewer with a drip pan below or dish to recover jus.
  5. 5. Set 1:30 to 160 degrees and 30 minutes to 180/190 to scorch a little chicken on the end (grilled sweet).  We can also sprinkle the chicken with the juice during the cuisson6. after cooking catch the juice, especially the juices, remove excess oil, the mixer while adding a few leaves of tarragon, a pinch of salt, the juice of half a tangerine, this gives a slight emulsion.

Have a beautiful week!


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