Yogi kids are back

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Yogi kids are back!

Hello everybody… and Happy Monday!

THis now the time for choosing your children’s activities! … iN that perspective, I’d like to talk about yoga for children.  I think it’s just so perfect for kids : practicing yoga allows to unwind, to be aware of his body, to be focused, to expel stress and negative feelings… A very complete children’s activity!

Many children’s yoga classes exist in Paris, but the new mini Tigre yoga club may be the best! , This club, located in the western part of Paris (19 rue de Chaillot, Paris 16) and dedicated to adults, will offer many different types of classes for children from next october : yoga for babies, for children… and also for teen-agers (with music and in English). There will be also meditation sessions to help children to concentrate, to feel their body  and to be in relation with the others.

There will be also children’s activities such as ballet, capoeira, hip-hop … A true club dedicated to children, open all along the week, …just like it is for adults!  … And, of course, you can take some lessons meanwhile your child is practicing!

I let you discover the entire offer on the  mini Tigre ‘s website. Open from October, 1st.


Of course, you can find other yoga studios for children in Paris. Here you this is a short sélection  :

And many other classes,of course, in Paris, and all around the world!


Le yoga des tout-petits, Rebecca Whitford,

If you don’t want to go outside to practice yoga, you can use some books. At home, we especially like this one :  Little yoga : a toddler first book of yoga by Rebecca Whitford and Martina Selway.


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