Juli’s cultural agenda #3 : June

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This Monday, I let Julie, from Mini Branchouille cultural blog for kids, show you her cultural agenda for the whole family…


Here comes the sun ! The month of June is arriving with its insane temperatures, sorbets, first diving in the swimming pools. Starting the beginning of this week, the sandales will once again be hitting the concrete, the blue jeans will be rolled shorter and the will of travelling growing. To help you wait  to feel the sand under your feet, here is a cultural programme !

Catimino, the theatre festival for kids

Catimino is the festival of reading of theater plays for kids ! In Paris, you will have the possibility to assist to lectures at the La Villette Theater (upon reservations, hurryp-up ! ), but also in the rest of France the event being national. 60 theaters and libraries got associated  to the festival and also proposes lectures. An other way of discovering and hearing the young public theater of today.

Festival CATIMINO , onJune, 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2015

Entrée libre, sur réservation
Théâtre Paris-Villette
211 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 PARIS


Asterix at the Alesia Museo Park

If you are in Burgundy , it is the occasion of discovering the Alesia archeological website. And if you kids are not passionate about history, know that a great exhibit is being displayed about Astérix, the famous gaulois.

By mixing comic strips and history, the kids discover throughout their heroes, the faboulous era of antiquity.

And if your kids are passionnate about the  adventures of Astérix, a new opus drawn by Uderzo “The Papyris of César”, will be available on next October 22 in library.

Astérix à Alésia, du mythe à la réalité, from April, 25th to November, 30th
1, Route des Trois Ormeaux 21150 Alise-Sainte-Reine

The Star Wars expo at chez Miss Tussauds

It is in deed not the trendiest exhibit of the year, but if you are in London with your kids, it has to be seen !

Knowing that in the whole world, not thousands, but millions of kids  (among which yours probably) counting the days before December 18th to discover at least the new opus of the Star Wars great saga. The Tussauds’ exhibit will probably be of a great help !

Madame Tussauds Marylebone Rd  London NW1 5LR
9.30am-5.30pm Tube: Baker St
From £24.75, £21.60 children

We rediscover the pagode of the Bois de Vincennes

The Great Pagoda from Bois de Vincennes has just been renovated after important work. Now, you can find there the most important Buddha statue in Europe (about 10 meters). This huge Buddha has been made by French sculptor François Mozès in Miro ‘s studio.

We play at Beaubourg

Until this summer, you can also visit Beaubourg and admire certain Works, but alos … play in the museum.

In the Pompidou Center, have fun discovering the games and discover that there are some everywhere.  You will discover, what a surprising feeling, though a bit regressive to play ping pong or chess in the middle of one the word’s greatest art collection !

April, 15th,  2015 – July, 20th, 2015
Un nouveau festival
From 11 am to 9 pm
Studio 13/16, Piazza, Cinéma 1, Forum, Forum -1, Galerie sud, Grande salle, Espace 315, Petite salle – Centre Pompidou, Paris, Bpi, Paris

Let’s finish with “The great book of kids gardening”

Here is the bible of the future garderners. With its colorful and incredible aesthetic drawnings (at as stage it gives a furious will to cut the book and post it on the walls), this book initiates the youngest to the joy of gardening. Moreover, this manual learns to childern the importance of seasons, knowing that no, not all the fruits and vegetables grow all year long.

Enough to make give you the will to grow strawberries on the balcony.

Thierry Magnier Editions, 21,50€.


Many thanks to Julie! We now know how to organise our weekends with kids 😉 …

See you in a few day to show you new Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian conceptstore…

Have a lovely week,


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