Fall on the beach

I take up my pen again here on the occasion of a shoot for Melijoe, the kids fashion concept store in which I chose some favorite pieces for the autumn-winter months. I wanted toset it here, in San Francisco, on one of our favourite beaches, near Lake Merced (South San Francisco) because it is also a way to show you a little of our daily lives.

Every Sunday morning, we love going here for a stroll near the ocean … thildren play or daydream, and we make projects for the years to come, here and in Paris … I love off-season beaches, when the light gets colder and lower. There is then a very special atmosphere, asif time were suspended : it is really a time for yourself, a moment to reconnect with nature. This Sunday walk has become an important moment in our week as you can guess…

Here are some pictures of Daphne caught on the spot, in full play … We can see her  playing with shells, sticks, pine cones … or just lie on the sand. I love these spontaneaous childhood moments so much!

For this shoot, I chose for a Daphné perfect clothes for this autumn near the ocean:Little Marc Jacobs jeans, Ugg fur boots, Bonpoint t-shirt, and sweater . I invite you to have a look at Melijoe website where you will surely find all you need for your kids this coming winter! And from Thursday 28th of November to Monday 2nd, there will be Black Friday sales!!



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