Stylish surpyjamas are back!

Supyjamas Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove
Stylish surpyjamas are back!

Let me introduce you to a young new brand created by a French mum, Mathilde, and specialised in high-quality surpyjamas (to wear upon pyjamas) : Turtle Dove. They make stylish, practical and cosy surpyjamas, perfect for babies or children, from birth till 3 years-old. With both shoulders and arms covered, the baby’s warmth and safety are ensured. The quality is very good : organic cotton, elegant cuts and beautiful details like Liberty collars. The items are also very practical : discreet zip on the side, snap fasteners as well as non-slip fabric under the feet (from one year up).

I’ve also fallen in love with the visual brand identity made by Camille Chevrillon. Have a look at the website, which is very beautiful. Note that the delivery is very meticulous and fast. Well, as you can see, I love this new brand!

Only drawback : it may be a bit expensive (around 80€), but you can ask for it as a birthday présent! 😉

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  • Excellente aleternative à ce qu’à la maison nous appelons la “pelure” de Domitille.
    NB La dite pelure a été achetée en double exemplaire chez Verbaudet. No choice dans la couleur – lavande- et ornée d’un lapin. (sobre et monochrome le lapin heureusement).
    Mais en 36 mois j’ai traqué ce produit dans beaucoup d’enseignes sans trouver chaussure – pardon pelure- à son pied !
    Bien vu donc …. A quand le retour du pyjama d’intérieur pour les mummys 🙂

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