Jen’s tookies : smart and delicious cookies

tookies, Jennifer Hart-Smith, Sweet Cabane

A few months ago, I found Jen’s lovely creative pastries : some scrumptious cookies with smart messages. The tookies she makes are both beautiful and delicious! Yummy! Jennifer’s tookies are made-to-measure for a special event : a great way to leave a reminder to your guests!

Today, we’re lucky to meet this so inventive pastry chef…


Jen, what was your job before making tookies? 

I used to be a designer : I studied in Paris and in San Francisco, then I worked for Deezer till I decided to change almost everything in my profesional life!

Thanks to my boyfriend, who worked in the food-service industry, I became more and more interested in pastry cooking, which combines technics, rigour and creativity : you have to wake up early, be focused all day long on what you do and be precise…

Tookies cookies, Jennifer Hart-Smith, Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Tookies Cookies

How did it come to tour mind to create these cookies ?
I’ve always had in mind to use pastry as a communication support… At the same time, I was very keen on fortune cookies… So here are the tookies  😉 !

How do you make tookies? 

I use several types of flour (according to my client’s wishes) : wheat, rice (crunchier) buckwheat (perfect with chocolate),  kamut (delicious with squash seeds) and corn.

Crédit photo : tookies cookies
Crédit photo : Tookies Cookies

When someone orders me some tookies, it’s often for a special event such as a wedding, a birthday party,… Tookies are a good way to offer a little something to the guests. When I know how many tookies I have to make, I design and show the result to my client. When it’s approved, it goes fast : I send the drawing to make the stamp, then I make the tookies.

Tookies cookies, Jennifer Hart-Smith, Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Tookies Cookies

You have to wait around 10 days between the order and the delivery.

You can store your tookies for a week. Sometimes people want to keep them as a decoration : in any case, don’t eat them after one week!

What do you like in this job?

Exchange with people above all, then, of course, the creative dimension and the uniqueness of each tookies’ order!

What are your projects now? I’m learning pastry to become a professional chef : I love  this training : so fascinating! In a while, maybe some years, I’d like to work with my boyfriend on a common project : we often talk about it and it becomes more and more real… 😉 !

Tookies cookies, Jennifer Hart-Smith, Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Tookies Cookies


Thanks to Jen for her lovely Sweet Cabane’s cookies ;). Let’s have a look at Tookies cookies’ website to know more about this beautiful project! 

See you soon to talk about fashion ! …



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