Let’s meet Adeline, founder of a website for Expatriates’ partners

This week, we’re back to our ‘Mum at Work’ series of interviews with Adeline, 38, creator of “Les Musettes s’en Mêlent”, a website dedicated to expatriates’ partners and dealing with expatriates’projects but also daily life, books, recipes and lots more…

Initially, this 38-year-old woman, mother of two children aged 7 and 9, is a restorer of art works near Paris. She emigrated to Amsterdam with her husband three years ago for professional reasons.

At first, Adeline felt destabilized by this change of life which forced her to review her professional project. It was during the first two years in Amsterdam that she originated her website.

She talks to us about this beautiful project, her life as an expat partner and as a “mumpreneur”.


How did you get the idea to create this site for expatriate entrepreneurs?
Since our second year in Amsterdam, once our installation was set up, I kept wondering  how to find a nomadic professional project that allowed me to work while following my husband (probably called for other expatriations in the future).
After kids’ school, expatriates’ partners often meet for a coffee. I met a lot of different profiles: rather destabilized spouses, but also many others who had started their business.

What exactly is the site ‘Les musettes s’en mêlent’ about?

It is a sharing site between “expatpreneurs” : you can find here interviews about inspiring projects and profiles (our “muses”), podcasts about expatpreneurs’ daily lives, and a small online store in which I only select products launched by expatpreneurs.
This is just the beginning of this project, since I launched it last January. It is expected to develop through new sections and collaborations. I have lots of ideas for the future!

Crédit photo : Sweet cabane

To what extent does expatriation change the conditions to develop a professional project?
This is a very special moment, which offers new living conditions : financial situation is often better than before,people sometimes have staff at home to help us (baby-sitter,…), which allows to free up more easily some time during the day.
In addition, the conditions for starting a business (Labor Law for instance) are sometimes easier in the host country than in France.

In general, expat partners have three main stages in their evolution :
– A discovery phase where you first have to get used to local life, to the language and you try to meet new friends.
– A questioning phase about daily life as an expatriate partner : will I go back to work? If so, to do what?
– Finally, action: back to a wage-earning job, involvement in an association (mainly about childhood) or launch of a new project.



Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane

How do you organize yourself to work everyday on this project ?
I start at 8:30 am after dropping kids to school and I work until 2:45 pm (kids come out of school very early here). Two days a week, I have a baby sitter, which allows me to work till 5 pm.

What do you think of your new way of life?
I am eventually happy with my new life as an expatriate’s partner because it offers me unique opportunities to create a new project. I also meet very friendly and inspiring people through my website.

Of course, there are also more complicated moments, phases of doubt, but I believe very strongly in my project!

What advice would you give to a mum who would like to become an entrepreneur?
– Listen to yourself, to the little voice that you hide deep inside you. I have already launched several projects, but I’m sure this one will work!
– Be surrounded by good friends …and by your husband who has to be very supportive.
– Share your ideas, confront them to other people .



Many thanks to Adeline for this inspiring interview! Please go and have a look at her website, you will find lots of ideas even though you haven’t any plan to expatriate 🙂

See you next week for a great holiday tip to make your kids happy and active during Autumn break 🙂

Have a lovely week,

Emilie xx.

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