Lisi and Alex, Barcelona

On this very freezy Monday, let’s go to sunny Barcelona to meet Lisi, Alex and their two kids. Lisi combines her work as an art director at her ad agency, and her work as a photographer. Alex is an entrepreneur. They’ve got two sons : Simón who is 7 years old and is an acrobatic athlète, and León who is 4 and loves dancing.

They’ve been living in Barcelona for 15 years, now in the first floor of a modernist house in the centre of the city.


Crédit photo : Javier Almar
Crédit photo : Javier Almar


What do you like in your city?

I like that it’s small and you can run into friends, but big enough to discover new things all the time. I love its informal and artistic vibe and all its wonderful restaurants. And of course, its geographical situation (near the sea, not far from the mountains)!

Is it easy to live here when you’re a family? 

Being a family in the city is never easy, especially if you have two very active and outdoor kids, but there is a wonderful road called La carretera de las Aigües where you can ride in bicycle and see the whole city under your feet. There is a wonderful park with a zoo called La Ciudadela. Also, the small streets in the Gothic Area are pedestrian, so no worry about cars running over your crazy wild kids. We also have the sea.

Crédit photo : Javier Almar
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane


Parque de la Ciutadela
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane/ Parque de la Ciudadela

In which museums do you go with your children ?

We love going to the Museo de la Ciencia, a place that I also used to go when I was a kid. It’s a place for curious scientific minds full of creative stuff to interact with. It also has a replica of a tropical jungle full of animals and vegetation !

Which places are family friendly in your city? 

I like having « merienda » which is a snack after school in the old part of town so they get the old vibe and history of the city. There’s a plenty of parks and also wide streets and squares with terraces : the kids can play around us while you try to have some “adult time”, enjoying a drink or some tapas.


In which restaurants or coffee shops do you usually go with the kids?

We all love japanese and chinese food, so we often go to have yummy sushi or Pekin duck in family friendly restaurants where they know us all by name.

We go to Koku Kitchen cause they serve great ramen. It’s in the old part of town and I just love the walk within the super narrow ancient shady streets to get to this small authentic restaurant.

I also like to take the kids to Memorias de China, an old-fashioned excellent quality chinese restaurant (runned by Chinese people) where they have fishes, lobsters and crabs in a big tank as you go in. Kids love it! We like to share a Pekin duck between the 4 of us in a big round table.

We also like to go to Can Pizza, out of Barcelona, near the airport. It’s not in the city, but it’s worth the trip cause they serve the best pizzas made with the best crust. The kids can run around the terrace that has an old vintage Vespa and a huge olive tree. And after that, we go to the beach to see the airplanes land right above us!






Crédit photo : Javier Almar
Crédit photo : Javier Almar

What is your favourite  and easiest meal with children ?

We love to make tortilla de patatas, which is an omelette with fried potatoes and sliced onions. It seems easy, but it has its tricks 😉 (see recipe at the bottom of the page)

Crédit photo : Javier Almar
Crédit photo : Javier Almar

When the weather si bad, what do your children enjoy doing at home ?  

We like to do some fun yoga for kids or dance on top of the coffee table. I do yoga with kids cause we get a sense of togerherness and enthusiasm for the same thing! Kids love yoga, especially if we name the poses in animal forms. We also have some yoga cards that show different poses and we play with them picking one out randomly. We all have to do the asana and get a point!



What books do your kids love ?

We read many books at home and we have a wide library of american ones mainly (I’m half American, half Spanish). Many of them are reditions of the ones I read when I was a little girl like The Golden Book collection, Richard Scary ones or all the surreal Dr. Seuss ones.


Many thanks to Lisi for these great tips from Barcelona! This city is full of great energy and looks very family compliant, isn’t it?

If you want to know more about her, you can follow her on Instagram @inthemoodforfoodblog or directly on her eponymous  blog.

Let’s meet again on Thursday for a post about warm and ecological duvets! Pefect for wintertime 😉

Have a very good week,

Emilie xx.


*Tortilla de patatas (Omelette with potatoes) recipe by Lisi : 

You must slice 4 potatoes (all the same size so they cook evenly) and 2 big onions and fry them in the saucepan with olive oil. Once thay are golden, add some salt. Beat 4 eggs generously and add them to the saucepan. Cook at low heat until one side is done and then turn around to cook the other part (with the help of a larg plate to be able to turn it around with no accidents). You can serve warm or cold and put it on top of bread with tomato spread on top with salt and oil.

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