Classy coats

As Fall is progressing  and  temperatures are becoming cooler, looking for the right coat becomes a real issue.

Precisely, I find it very difficult to find  the  ‘right’ coat, the one that is lovely, cozy and convenient … That brings a ‘plus’ to the outfit… instead of completely hiding it ! And if it’s not easy for little girls, it’s even more complicated for  boys!

So I hope you will enjoy this selection I’ve made for you from my own research.  



Les Zigouis

1. Unisex cotton and wool coat by  Les Zigouis. Perfect for Autumn and Winter. Everything this small French brand for kids creates is pretty!


2. Sabine cotton wintercoat, Velveteen. Removable collar. I love this brand’s style!

Monoprix Kids

3.Marine woolen wintercoat,  Monoprix kids : classic colors and cut, a must have for Winter!

Louis Louise


4.  Black denim and dots wintercoat, Louis Louise. False fur collar, fleece inside. This coat is both elegant and warm.


5. Perfect woolen wintercoat, Bellerose. I just want the same for me 😉 !



6.  Féline woolen wintercoat by Soeur. Perfect for classy teenagers  😉 !



1.Canada Jacket  AO76… Warm and comfortable.

East End Highlanders

2. Woolen and acrylic coat by East End Highlanders. Straght cut. Perfect for little boys. Big crush for this Japanese brand for boys.


3. Jourmand 2 hoodie jacket, Bonton. Corduroy outside, fleece inside. So cute and comfy!

Mademoiselle à Soho

4. Flecked grey coat, Mademoiselle à Soho. Love this young brand from a French girl living in New York!

Marie Chantal

5. Camel Duffle coat Marie Chantal. Lovely cut and warm wool… Perfect when the temperatures drop…


I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection.

See you on Monday for a post about children littérature. We’ll talk about one precise them : the night.

Lots of love,

Emilie xx.

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