Mum at work #10 : Marta

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Mum at work #10 : Marta.

Today, we meet a ‘super mum’, who teaches Pilates in Paris. Marta is a 38 years-old Italian mother of twins. After working as a freelance translator, she became a Pilates teacher a few years ago. Here, she tells us how and why this new job came to her mind.


Marta, how did you become a Pilates teacher?

My previous job had nothing to do with Pilates! As I studied Foreign Literature in Italy, I first worked in a University in Milan. Then I worked as a freelance translator when my husband and I moved to New York for his job. At this time, we didn’t have any children. In New York I started praticising Pilates 3 hours a week in a studio which was close to our home. And I loved it! I felt so good! It was very relieving after working for hours at a desk : I moved smoothlier and my mind was clearer. I have to say that I’ve always done sport as I did gym as a high competitive level.

It was just a hobby at this time, but when we moved to London, after having my twins, I decided to learn how to become a Pilates teacher. When we arrived in London I didn’t know anybody and going to Pilates session was a good way to meet people. I started my training in Fulham, at the Backlund Pilates Studio. It took me 2 years to become a teacher.

And now, how do you organise your time between your job and your kids? I work 3 days a week in a studio and two days with private clients. I’ve got a nanny who’s at home when I work in the studio as I can’t cancel classes in any way! She brings them to school and takes them back home. The rest of the time, I work at home, always trying to optimise my knowledge and to find new exercises for my pupils. I think a teacher must always refresh and renew his knowledge because Pilates is above all a living and continous experience.

What do you love in your current job? I like its dynamic part : there are always new technics and exercices to learn. For instance, I’ve learnt how to help pregnant ladies (pre and post natal workshops) to feel better in their body. I also work on scoliosis.

The human dimension is also very stimulating : to emulate people, to help them to relieve their pain thanks to right movements.

What drawbacks can you make out? I just would like to give more lessons to have a full-time job!!

What are your projects?

I’d also like to become a nutrition adviser, which a good complement to my job as a Pilates teacher. I’m also completing my skills all the time (new program on how to relieve scoliosis)

My long term project is, of course, to have my own studio!

What advices would you give to a mum who wants to become a Pilates teacher?

  • Train hard and choose a long and deep learning program (not the short cut way)
  • Keep practicising
  • Be committed : Pilates is not only a job, but a way of living! You have to integrate it in your daily routine
  • Be as active as you can!

Do you have any good addresses in Paris for kids?

  • We love going all together to the Champ de Mars because the park is so great for kids!
  • For a brunch, we like ‘Une Mère, Une fille à Paris, in the 15th ! So good and children friendly with many workshops for kids!


Many many thanks to Marta!

If you need information about her private lessons, you can reach her at :

Have a lovely week and see you very soon for Julie’s June Cultural Agenda!


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