Mum at work #11 : Marie Laure

le Carrousel Paris - Marie Laure Renier, Sweet Cabane

Mum at work #11 : Marie Laure.

Marie Laure Renier is a French kids fashion designer who created  Le Carrousel Paris a few years ago. She’s also the mum of 4 kids, aged from 6 to 13. As you may imagine, reconciling private and professional life is a daily question for her  😉

This 37 years-old working mum moved from Paris to Albi (South-West of France) a year ago to have a better and easier quality of life. But she’s kept Le Carrousel Paris‘ workshops in Paris.


How did it come to your mind to create Le Carrousel Paris?

At the beginning I was a school teacher. When my third child (a girl) was born in 2007, I started sewing some clothes for her and I talked about it on my lifestyle blog. Then, some of my readers asked me to make some clothes for their own kids in an informal way.

In 2010, I created my brand. First, I did all by myself in my Parisian workshop. But I rapidly started retailing my brand in South Corea, and the great adventure began. So I decided to work fulltime on this project.

How could you describe your job ?

I have an eye on every step of the process : I design the clothes with the help of a designer, I supervise the cut and the clothes’ making in our workshop, then I’m in charge of packing and sending every order. Today my clients and retailers come from everywhere : Belgium, Australia, South Korea, USA, Norway! It’s a lot of work indeed!

What do you like in your job?

I love creating and developing a project, from designing new clothes to communicating about them. I also like being in contact with other people : from craftsmen to clients… And, I’m very proud of me when I see my clothes in beautiful shops around the world 😉 !

What, in your opinion,  is harder in your work? 

The most difficult is logistics : transportation is always a big deal.

More generally, It’s a fulltime job and I don’t really have holidays because I have to work all the time : answering my mails, dealing with orders, … But that’s the deal! This years we only had 10 days of family summer holidays but it was rich and intense!

How do you manage to reconcile private and professional life?

My office is at home, so I don’t lose time in transportation, which helps to manage family life. And I’m lucky : my kids respect my work and they play a lot together!

On a daily basis, I’m used to working from 8.30 am to 5 pm. Then I deal with family life : children’s activities, bath, dinner,… I work again at night for a few hours. During holidays, I continue working but in a less intense way.

What are your projects for the future?

I’d like to develop my own online store and to have a boutique in Paris. But first, I need some investors! I’d also like to develop my collection : wool, shoes…

Many many thanks to Marie! You can find Le Carrousel Paris ‘s new collection online. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Emilie x.

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