Mum at work #4 : Elodie

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Mum at work #4 : Elodie.

Today, we meet a wonderful mum living in Paris, Elodie Garamond.

Elodie is 37 and she’s the mum of Jules, 6, and Alma, 1. She’s founded the Tigre Yoga club (see here).  She’s so energizing and determined as a mum and as a business woman! All this gave me the idea of interviewing her…

How did it come to your mind to create the Tigre Yoga Club? I used to work for more than ten years in big international firms (United States, Australia…).  Although I enjoyed my  work, I had always wanted to set up my own business.  When my son was born, I worked a lot and I couldn’t see him as much as I wanted. I didn’t have either the time to practice yoga any more…

One day, I suffered a ‘burn-out’ during a meeting… This was what made me understand that real life was elsewhere… Progressively, the idea of creating the Tigre came to my mind : I realized that there as no real yoga “club” in western Paris : a place where you can not only choose your own schedule and practice whenever you want (even in the evening), but also where you can share cool moments with your friends…

I started working on that project from January 2013… and, a few days after, I got pregnant of my little daughter!!!! Too late to stop : I decided to continue my projet while I was pregnant… despite my family’s advices!  It wasn’t that easy but I succeeded : the Tigre yoga club opened just a few days after my daughter’s birth! I think now that being pregnant gave me an extraordinary power: it was as if we were two!  In practice, it was a rock n’roll period of time : I was breastfeeding Alma at the Tigre’s while supervising the construction work!

What do you love in your job?  I love being independent, seing happy people who feel better thanks to yoga everyday… This project just looks like a dream! It’s magic!

What is your daily organisation to deal with work and family? I work a lot : everyday except on Saturday, from 8.30 am to 8 pm. In the morning, I take care of the children and I bring Jules to school. Alma stays at home with her nanny.  I bring back Jules from school twice a week. Then we have a walk with Alma, just the three of us.  I bring them home to her nanny to bathe and have dinner. Then I go back to work for a while. I come back home at 8 pm to read them the traditional story, just before they fall asleep. Even when I work, I’m in charge of all that concerns my children : appoitment to the pediatrician, nanny’s organisation, leisure activities… because my husband really works a lot.

tigre yoga club pour Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Alexia Farry

Would you like to change anything in the way you are organized today ? I am a little bit frustrated by the fact the four of us don’t spend enough time together. Generally speaking, I do not have much time for my personal life and I dream about enjoying a family picnic or going to the movies with my son…

Which moment do you like most with your kids ? I love our little evening walk along the Seine enbankment : it is a moment when we sing songs together, when I told them anecdotes, memories from my childhood… The tale and the goodnight kiss are also sacred moments : it is important for me to spend those tender times together, otherwise I feel bad !

Which moment do you find most difficult with the kids on a day-to-day basis ? Leaving home for school is never easy : we are in a rush, we fear of being late, sometimes we argue… We run, with the computer in one hand and the schoolbag in the other ! When I arrive at work, I feel sometimes bad about having spoiled a little bit that moment together…

tigre yoga club pour Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Alexia Farry

Which advices would you give to a mum willing to start a new business ?

  • To surround herself with friends and close relations to launch a project, not to hesitate to ask for help when needed.
  • To secure accounting and legal issues, often complex and decisive.
  • Not to be afraid of cumulating several activities because quite often there are many synergies between them… in particular with the one of being a mum 😉 !

To finish this interview, would you have some good plans to share with us ?

  • For everyday life : Hopways which connects mums belonging to the same neighbourhood to help each other to bring the kids back home after school
  • To have fun : playgrounds along the Seine’s left enbankment,  at walking distance from the Concorde square : super cool and with lots of different games !
  • To enjoy a family brunch : the Renoma Café Gallery (8th district), whose waiters are very nice and children-friendly.

Thanks a lot to Elodie for playing the game during this interview!

I hope you have enjoyed this article!!… For me, meeting Elodie has been a sheer moment of pleasure.

If you want to know more about the Tigre yoga club, click here.

Have a lovely day,


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