Mum at work #6 : Pascale, founder of Ninoo association

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Mum at work #6 : Pascale, founder of Ninoo association.

Today, we meet a great working mum : Pascale, 34, who’s founded in March 2013 an association for autistic children : Ninoo. She’s the mother of Eliot, 6 years old, and she tells us how she had the idea to create this association and what her daily job is. 

How dis it come to your mind to create Ninoo?  I’m directly concerned by autism issue because my child, Elit was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 3, in 2011.  Before having Eliot, I used to work as a communication manager but in 2011, as I was completely exhausted by taking care of my child, I decided to stop working and staying with him all day long as the situation was rather complicated,… I didn’t know anything about autism before : what I’ve learnt is that it’s very hard to make a right diagnosis as there many different forms of this disability, that there are many misconceptions about it, and that many people think (in France above all) that autism is a illness. Daily life is not easy for families with an autistic child : 80 % of these children are not sent to school and many associations don’t give a positive support! Confronted to this bitter statement, I decided in March 2013 to create my own association, Ninoo, only with one volunteer and 4 members at the beginning…

What have you created Ninoo for? This association wants to give an optimistic and enlightened vision of this handicap. We don’t have a therapeutic purpose, we just want to raise awareness about what autism really is and, above all, to help our little members  and their families. Thanks to the money we collect, we can offer to 18 children now one leisure activity per month. On Ninoo‘ website, we develp the same approach with educational advices, graphism exercices, workshops to do at home.  There’s also shopping space with original t-shirts, postal cards, tattoos.

What is your daily activity? I manage  all charity events, communication and partnership,  celebrities sponsorships,… and our website. All these actions permit to collect money that we totally donate to the association.

What has this association brought to you ? To create this association has helped me no to sink, to make new projects, to go ahead and to better understand what autism is… All these tangible actions, all the workshops with children make me happy …and Eliot too!!!

How do you imagine Ninoo’s future? I’d like that the association could grow with employees and become a comunity association with public subsidies. Today, we help children from 3 to 10 : I’d like to go beyond, to do many other things!

Could you talk to us about all the events you prepare for December ?

First there’s an auction’s sale in Paris, December 10th, then an online Christmas sale, on December, 14th. You ‘ll be able to fin lovely creations : drawings, photos, jewels,  fashiona ccessories, clothes, design items,… L L’intégalité des recettes sera reversée à l’association bien évidemment (catalogue ici). All the money we’ll make will be refunded to NInoo’s association.

Thanks to Pascale  : we wish her good luck for these beautiful events ! Don’t hesitate to go and visit Ninoo‘s website : beautiful, fun and interesting!

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  • Merci de nous avoir fait partager cette touchante rencontre avec une “super mum”, effectivement!
    Et quelle bonne idée d’avoir mis en lumière dans cette rubrique “mum at work” une maman qui s’est investie dans la création d’une association!

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