Mum at work #7 : Sophie

Sophie Trem, The Other Art of Living, Sweet Cabane

Mum at work #7 : Sophie.

Today, let me introduce you to a wonderful mum I met on Instagram almost a year ago,  when I was just beginning my ‘IG social life’ : Sophie Trem. This two boys ‘mum has been writing a lifestyle blog called  The Other Art of Living for about one year and a half : she gives us a glamourous, positive and energizing vision of the world. On her website, you can find great ideas, findings and a true optimistic philosophy!

Sophie’s life is very dense : several jobs… among which the one of being a mum! … A very rich and inspiring interview as you can see… !


What is your job? How has it come to your mind? I work as a communication freelancer with plural activities : I create content and events, I write my blog and I’m in charge of the communication’s development of a new search engine, Qwant.

Being an indenpendent worker has always attracted me but I didn’t know which job I will be good at… When I was pregnant for the second time, I decided to work on my own to be more flexible. I took several training courses to learn all about web and DTP.  This is how I started my  website : to practice what I was learning! For me, this blog is a space to share everything contributing to improve our everyday life.

On January, 2nd, 2014, I went to the  Urssaf (French Social Security collections Agency) to set my business. I launched my blog on June 2013 and, last September, I celebrated its first birthday at the Chanel’s pop-up store, on Saint-Honoré street.

The Other Art of Living - Sophie Trem - Sweet Cabane
Crédit Photo : Sophie Trem

At the beginning, I just let things go because we don’t exactly know where we go to! The only thing I know is that I have to be authentic and never give up! I’ve got many ideas, but I have to put them in order of priority as there are only 24 hours per day!

What was your job before? I had many different jobs : sales representative in the fashion industry, organiser of the Tranoï exhibition, buyer at, sourcing for many clients… I love diversity, learning everyday and being challenged !

What do you love in your current job? Adventure!  Everyday offers great ooppurtunities! I share the same values with the people I work with! In a same day, I can do many different things!

What don’t you like? Lack of organisation because I don’t have yet much perspective!  But we can always find solutions ☺ !

How do you reconcile family and profesional life? Priority nr 1 : family...  Then, all for work! Concurrently, I give priority to personal development, sport and healthy life.  I don’t have any magic formula but I try to be attentive to my family! We’re a team!

The Other Art of Living - Sophie Trem - Sweet Cabane
Crédit Photo : Sophie Trem

What would you like to change in your daily organisation?

Just more time ☺! We work all along the week… But during the weekend, all my time is dedicated to my family !

At home, what moment do you prefer? At night, when I am with my boys in their bed, reading stories and laughing!

On the contratry, what moment is more complicated? Morning time because we’re always in a hurry… We are often arrive late at school 🙁 …

The Other Art of Living - Sophie Trem - Sweet Cabane
Crédit Photo : Sophie Trem

What would you advise to a mum who wants to create her own business? 

  • Be well-organised
  • Don’t be frightened and do not hesitate : if you don’t do it now, you won’t do it later!
  • Work hard
  • And, above all, do what you really want : if you believe in what you do, others will trust you!

To conclure, can you give us some smart addresses for families in Paris?  

We mainly stay in our area, the 13th. We love rollerblading and riding a scooter. To do the shopping, I like online stores and Monoprix where I find very pretty clothes. For my sporty boys, I often go to Decathlon (and for me also I must say!).

The Other Art of Living - Sophie Trem - Sweet Cabane
Crédit Photo : Sophie Trem
The Other Art of Living - Sophie Trem - Sweet Cabane
Crédit Photo : Sophie Trem


Thanks a lot to Sophie for this sincere interview! It’s so energizing, isn’t it? You can find Sophie’s work on her website  The Other Art of Living and on Instagram @theotherartofliving.

Have a lovely week!

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