At home with… #3 : Caroline & Mathieu, Paris 17

Sweet Cabane

Mum&dad #3 : Caroline & Mathieu, Paris 17

Here you can find the interview of Mathieu, in charge of new markets at Deezer, and Caroline, magistrate. They’ve got a 7 months-years old baby, Nina, and live in Les Batignolles neighborhood, Paris 17. They talk about their daily organisation with a baby girl and their tips to deal with it.

Who’s in charge of what at home during the week?

Mathieu : I usually look after Nina in the morning till our nanny comes (9 a.m.) because I just work  5 minutes late from home whereas it takes more thant 45 minutes for Caroline to go to work!

Caro : I take care of Nina when I come back from work at 7 p.m. I feed her, bath her and play with her. She sleeps at 8, just a few minutes after her dad comes back from work and gives her a hug.

Who’s in charge of Nina’s meal ? 

Her nanny cooks for lunch during the week (we buy fruit and vegetable at the Batignolles organic market each saturday). During the weekend, I’m used to cooking purées and compotes thanks to the Babycook mixer (carrots, peers above all because Nina is fond of them at the moment!)

Where do you like having a walk together during the weekend?

We really enjoy going to the Batignolles square : there are lots of ducks, a carousel and playgrounds. For longer walks, we go to the  Martin Luther King new park, a very cool place when you have children : big playgrounds for all kinds of chidren ( 0-6 years-old/  7-16 years-old), hoses, small ecological gardens…

What do you like cooking at night for you both?

We sometimes prepare a very easy meal with raw salmon and whiting, avocado, dill, soja sauce and lime. Simply delicious !!

What are Nina’s favourite activities or games?  

Clothe books like Tout doux : mon premier livre by Francesca Ferri (Albin Michel), swedish cuddly toys (a little owl and a singing blackbird) … and her colourful ladybirds mobile.

Les jeux de Nina - sweet cabane
Les jeux de Nina

How do you manage to calm her down when she’s nervous?

We sing!!! It’s miraculous! We especially love the Frogs Concert by Jeanne Cherhal and Piccolo Saxo et Compagnie (François Périer). We listen to them directly on Deezer.

Can you give us a good address in your area to buy children’s clothes? 

We love Le Petit Dressing, a second-hand shop with a very good selection of children’s clothes.

To go out at night? 

To have a drink with friends, we like  ‘3pièces cuisine’: a French brasserie. We also like to order a take-away at Madame Shawn, a very good thaï restaurant,  or take some swedish products at the Affären grocery  (good cheese and smoked herrings).

Thank you very much, you two!!! 

Good addresses in the Batignolles neighborhood : 

  • Le 3 pièces cuisine : 25 rue de Cheroy, Paris 17è /  tel : 0144908510
  • Madame Shawn, 60 rue des dames, Paris 17è (aussi dans le 3è et le 10è) / tel : 0143874686
  • Epicerie Affären, 3, rue Léon Jost, 75017 PARIS
  • Le Petit Dressing, 66 rue legendre, 75017 PARIS / tel : 01 46 27 31 40


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