Playing in the rain : kids rainboots and windbreakers’ selection

Bottes kaki Woody Pop, Aigle - Sweet Cabane

Playing in the rain : kids’ rainboots and winchesters selection

Hi everybody!

As fall usually goes with rain, this a short selection of kids rainboots and windbreakers (windcheaters). At home, rainboots are a fashion key-element of my children’s wardrobe, above all for my little one who wears them even when the weather is good, and in her bedroom!!!So imagine how much I feel concerned with this topic !

Among all the brands I like, I’ve particularly appreciated Aigle‘s new collection : rainboots and windbreakers with lovely colours.


1.  Black rubber rainboots  Lolly Pop Print, Aigle.  The more playful : the flowers change their colour with water!

2. Navy-blue rubber rainboots by Méduse : classic and chic.

3. Khaki rainboots Woody Pop, Aigle : the classic brand model  : they’re both beautiful and ergonomic with the tondue behind the boot!

4. Rainboots Be Only Timouss, natural rubber. there’s a tongue behind the boots which permit to slip easily on them!

5.Red rubber rainboots Lolly Pop, Aigle. The classic ones. Very resistent!

6.Red rubber Hunter First Classic rainboots. Many colours do exist (pink, black, yellow). Very fashionable at this time … and all around the world!


1. Poprainy, Aigle. Lovely colours that change from traditional windbreakers  : dark red, deep purple, pink, green tea …

2. Dark grey windbreakers Marley by Finger in the Nose.  Fleece inside.

3. Yellow Claude Padded Kids, K-Way. The authentic model by K-Way , from 1965. Fleece inside

4. Navy-blue Parka by Vert Baudet. Coating cotton in the outsie, fleece inside. Classic, elegant, and warm!

5. Claudette Padded Kids, K-Way, Nylon, fleece inside. Well-adjusted, for little girls. 

6. Windbreaker for toddlers by Petit Bateau, polyester.

I hope you’ve appreciated this short selection…

Have a lovely day (with no rain I hope…)




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