Pyjama party : kids’ selection

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Pyjama party : kids’ selection.

During winter holidays, pyjama is probablymy kids’ favorite and most used cloth : so comfy for lazy days!! … It’s the reason why I’ve decided lately to write a post about the SC family’s favorite pyjamas brands for kids! Hope you’ll like it…

One. Modal sleepwear. Rose cloud by MarMar Copenhagen. Elegant and comfy. Exists also for little boys in dark blue. My fav!

Two. Charcoal/sky long sleeves pyjamas by Skylar Luna. 100% organic cotton. I love this organic US brand which creates comfy, elegant and resistent panamas for boys and girls. Long sleeves and short sleeves, according to your needs and the season! Very lovely patterns!!

Three. Alex unisex pyjama by Auraley (made inUK) in neel light with white contrast neckline and cuffs, comprised of a three-quarter length top and cropped trousers. elegant and retro patterns. Adorable UK brand !

Four. Elephant two-piece pyjamas, Zara. So lovely!

Five. Prehistoric animals ‘sleepy-toothed tiger’ by Hatley. Love this brand and its lovely patterns for boys and girls!

Six. White star long sleeves pajamas by Skylar Luna (see above for brandes description)

Seven. Marine and grey velvet pyjamas by Cyrillus. Classic but trendy and affordable! Worth it!

And you, what are your favorite pyjamas’ brands?

See you soon!



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