Revitilising ourselves in Palm Springs

 It has been a few months since I’ve written here …It is such a great pleasure to meet you here again!

The end of the year was dense with a lot of work and tired children, sometimes demotivated and nostalgic for their old life, to care of… The previous eight months were exhausting because life of an expatriate family is not that easy : lt takes time to adapt, it implies many renouncements and demands a lot of energy to understans the new rules and organisation of your new everyday life. 

But, since the beginning of February, our mood is on the rise and we, parents and kids, are facing this early Spring with enthusiasm! Our break in Palm Springs has a lot to do with it …. we have such restful days there! We enjoyed as much as possible this absolutely enchanting site, inviting us to meditate and daydream.
This what I want to share with you here. Beyond the touristy side of the center, the city is full of modernist architectural gems. The geographical site, an oasis of palm trees surrounded by mountains, is majestic and provides us with rest for the eyes and the mind.

We also went for a trail to Joshua Tree Park whose simple and raw beauty captivated us.

During the entire journey, we stayed at the Ace Hotel, a very friendly place, perfectly suited to families, and adopting a more sustainable attitude. I highly recommend it!

Let’s go back to Palm Springs together …


Life at the Ace Hotel

Palm Springs streets

Our trail to the Joshua Tree Park


I hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual journey.
See you next month for a post about our home in San Francisco.

Lots of love from San Francisco,



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