In my vanity …#2 : Emilie B.

M.A.C., Essie, Chanel, Timotei, Nuxe - Sweet Cabane

Dans mon vanity…#2 : Emilie B. This month, Emilie, working in a marketing agency and mum of little Minna, 14 months-old, tells us all about her beauty tips…   In my beauty vanity, there are basic products… I’m very attached to brands like M.A.C or Chanel  which I’ve been buying for more than ten years! Dry shampoo by Timotei :  When I don’t have enough time to wash my hair or, just when I want to texturize it.. It makes beautiful hair!…

My summer vanity

Summer vanity : Chanel, Nuxe, Elisabeth Arden, Sisley, Filorga, Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Guerlain, Davines

My summer vanity 1. PROTECTION 1. Mosturizing body lotion Eau de Campagne, Sisley : a way to combine fragrance and moisturizer. Very refreshing during summer. 2. Fondant self-tanning emulsion for face by Nuxe : very natural effect! 3. Anti-aging UV-DEFENCE cream, SPF 50, Filorga ; a very good anti-aging cream to lounge about on a sunny terrace… 4. Eight Hour Cream, L’original, Elisabeth Arden : the historical cream which excels to protect and repair the skin, endommaged by sun or wind… 5….