We meet Astrid Desbordes, writer for children

As part of our series ‘Family Connexion’, dealing with all the persons who help families, I wanted to interview Astrid Desbordes, author of the recent children book, Mon Amour, which was a huge bestseller here in France. The children literature allows  expression and dialogue between parents and children. It is also an opportunity to dream and to share a beautiful moment together. As a break from the whirlwind of the day … That’s why I’ve wanted to learn more about this wonderful job that intimately contributes to…

Wintertime under the quilt

Whereas Paris doesn’t really know anymore what winter is and that it’s difficult to see some snow at the window, we love reading and rereading at home books that plunge us into a wadded and cold winter, where nature seems asleep … a way to relax by living at th slow pace naturally imposed by this season. Here is a selection of pretty albums we value both for their story and for their illustrations. All depict an animal world in close contact with Nature (link we often…

It book #8 : Serafina la Girafe

Let’s discover an old book written by the French Laurent de Brunhoof in 1961 and reedited by Helium in 2014 : The Giraffe Serafina. A precious children book with lots of adventures, humour and unexpected development. For children between 3 and 6 years-old.   Have a lovely week, Emilie.

The Big Bad Wolf

La peur du loup, Sweet Cabane

The Big Bad Wolf.  Today we talk about a both light and deep topic : the fear of the wolf. We will try to explain this human timeless fear and give you some ideas about interesting children books dealing with the Wolf. I’ve asked some blogger mums to help me in this selection : Coline se raconte, Galex la Fée, Mini Branchouille and French Mômes. It’s also a good occasion to go and have a look at their websites! Why do…

It book # 5 : Get back to childhood with Tistou

Tistou les pouces verts - Sweet Cabane

Sorry, there’s no translation for this post which is about a French children’s book : Tistou les Pouces Verts, written by Maurice Druon in 1968. See you soon for a post about a dye laboratory for all your clothes and linen! Have a lovely Sunday, Emilie.

La vie rêvée des livres

La Belle Vie Floc'h - Sweet Cabane

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. La vie rêvée des livres. Je souhaiterais vous présenter aujourd’hui deux livres pour enfants qui viennent de paraître et qui nous ont tous deux charmé : Promenade de la Petite Fille de Nathalie Lété (éditions Les fourmis rouges) et La Belle Vie de Floc’h (Editions Seuil Jeunesse)….

Le minuscule, grand sujet pour petits enfants

Les enfants adorent les histoires qui parlent du minuscule. Il faut dire que c’est rassurant, ce monde, bien plus petit que le nôtre, que l’on peut mieux comprendre, mieux maîtriser…  C’est souvent aussi un monde plus proche de la nature dans lequel les petits se sentent à l’aise. Voici notre petite sélection maison : Pour les plus petits : toutes les aventures de la Famille Souris de Kazuo Iwamura. Chacun des volumes met en scène le quotidien d’une famille de…