Take it easy with Cécile #1 : how to survive homework?

Take it easy with Cécile #1 : how to survive homework?

You’ve already met Cecile through our Family Connexion‘s section. We’re proud to say that she’s now part of our team as she will be in charge of a new section dedicated to family relationships : ‘take it easy’.

In parallèle, Cecile writes in her blog for working parents,  La Turbulette.

Today, our new collaborator, will talk about a crucial question : how to really help your kid to do his homework without cries and tears?


School has just begun and then homework duties too…  Personally, I had a bad homework experience last year with my son who started his first year of primary school…He had a lot of homework to do and it was terrible because I had the impression that nothing came out of this time. I was nervous, and so he was,…

Then I started reading Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish’s book  dedicated to school : How to talk so kids can learn ».

Here you can find some tips that can help your kid to do his homework with you.

1. Welcome your kid’s peelings : listen to him when he says he’s tired, that he doesn’t want to do his homework… It’s not that easy for him to work again after un long school day. Welcome his feeling saying ‘I know how tired you are”. Your kid will know that you understand him, and may work more rapidly.

2. Let your child choose! Do you want to work before of after having your bath? Do you prefer starting by your poem or your addition?  Let him be the master of his homework! And he will also be more autonomous!

3. More autonomy : Let him do his homework alone. Stay at his side, as a helper, but don’t interrupt him! Just check his work at the end. He will learn how to work by himself.

4. Diversify learning methods.  Don’t hesitate to find other ways of learning! For instance, at home, we love singing to learn lessons!

You can use mind mapping, a learning technics from positive learning that helps your kid to  better memorise : You start by a drawing, a photo, a word. Then the kid draws some  ramifications (one color per each ramification) linked to the first main idea. Perfect to learn history or a poem!

5. When he doesn’t want to work at all. Then close his books! He may learn better in the morning for once..

I hope these tips will be helpful! Have a good day



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