Christmas kids’ easy outfits

On the home : cat ears hat by  Zara Kids, hair-clipper by  Minina Loves.

Each year, when Christmas is coming, I have to face the same dilemma : “How to dress the kids for Christmas party so as it’s not too expensive and they can wear the new clothes after, in their everyday life?”

This is a selection for girls, boys and babies trying to answer this BIG question 😉 …


Golden Tilda dress by  SoorPloom : perfect for Christmas and easy to wear all along winter!

Glitter slippers, Monoprix Kids… So lovely … and rather cheap!

Glitter silver and black tights by  Le Collégien : it brightens every king of outfit! To wear for instance with a pair of shorts or a simple skirt.

Red tutu by Bonton to wear with a black tee for Christmas Eve, … or with a white tank top during Spring time.

Long sleeves tee with a print glitter collar by Monoprix Kids :  perfect with the tutu… or with a pair of jeans!

Lovely glitter sneakers from JCREW  : perfect with simple black leggings.

Linen hair clip by Minina Loves :  it gives easily a party look to every outfit



Velvet marine Blazer, JCREW : to wear with skirt and trousers… bu also, later, with a jogging!

Marine bow tie by the lovely japanese brand for little boys : East End Highlanders.

Marine Chino pants by  Hackett : timeless, easy to wear and so elegant…

JCREW  skirt : classic and timeless.

Artificial leather black sneakers by Monoprix Kids for an elegant and comfy look.



Corduroy grey rompers by Mabo Kids, to wear with  this lovely shirt from the same brand

Vegetal leather botes by Maximinus

Bloomer and blouse by La Coqueta : fresh colors, classic cut… Perfect for Christmas party, but also every special event or everyday life.

Leather clippers  MOKEHA at NUMAE’s . So cute!

…And, to make a special Christmas look, don’t forget this lovely and cheap Christmas hat by  Bonton  😉 !


Now, we’re done!

Soon, there will be some Christmas recipes on Sweet Cabane!

On Tuesday, Cécile will give us good tips to help parents and sons to separate during holidays, when kids have to go to their grand-parents’ while parents are still working…

Have a lovely Sunday,

Emilie x.

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