24 surprises to keep the kids waiting for Santa Klaus

Christmas is approaching, and there’s nothing better to help your children to  keep waiting  than a cute advent calendar to decorate oneself. With small presents under the form of home activities, these advent surprises will also be a good excuse to spend time with family, play games or make recipes together! Tested and adored by my boys last year, the personalized calendar is definitely a good habit !

Here are 24 fun ideas (not too expensive !) to mix with chocolates …

1.  Candy cane, 2,50€ on Hema

2. Paper Pencils by Woodland, 5€ on Minimall

3. Christmas coloring cards  to send to the whole family ! 12€ (x10) on Bozea

4. Words of love, to write by yourself or 2,50€ the card designed by Mathilde Cabanas on Minimall

5. Wooden silhouettes to customize, 3€ (9 pieces) on la petite épicerie


6. Straws for Saint Nicholas’ day, 1,25€ on Hema

7. Small cookie cutters to make biscuits together, 6,49€ ( the 12) on feerie cake

8. A plastic ball for the tree to customize, 1€ on la petite épicerie

9. Christmas tattoos, 7€ on My little day

10. Lenses to grow, with simply a nice pot and cotton !

11. Christmas acrobats, 5, 94€ (the two) on science shopping


12. Coloring table sets, 1,50 les 6 chez Hema


13.  A Gingerbreadto do by yourself, to buy on Christmas markets or on ikea, 2,99€

14. Christmas stickers5€ on my litte day

15. A pocket Happy Christmas to store advents surprises, 2,90€ on My little bazar

16. Christmas rubber stamps set, 8,40€, on la petite épicerie

17. Christmas figures, 12€ (the 8) on My little day

18. A christmas lollipop mold, 3,49€ on feerie cake

19. Crackers designed by Meri Meri, 12€ (the 3) on My little Bazar


20. Cane in pasta fimo, to cut … 0,95€ on la petite épicerie

21. A kit for making a crown of reindeer , 4,99€ (the 4) on Baker Ross

22. A fawn snow globe, 12€ at Bonton

23. The bars Twinkle Meri Meri, 6€ on My little bazar

24. A decorative kit for christmas pudding 2,50€ on My little day

I hope you will find plenty of ideas to occupy and entertain your children all through December !

I wish you a beautiful day,



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