Adorable soaps

Love Soap, Enfance Paris, Sweet Cabane

Adorable soaps.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about two young cosmetic brands I’ve found, both hand made and organicLove Soap (made in Suffolk, UK) and Enfance Paris (made in Paris, France). These two young brands make bath products non only for toddlers but also for kids (and adults 😉 …)

You can find both on  Sweet Cabane’s shop.


This brand has been created by two young mothers from Suffolk (UK). The products are made from natural and organic ingredients : mandarin  and lavender essential oils, argan and aloe vera oils (two wonderful natural moisturizing ingredients). They’re specially made for babies and children’s skin.

You can find them here.


This French brand was created a few months ago by a two kids’ mother. It’s the first, in France, to make 100% organic bath products for babies and children. The fragrance is very delicate and revigorating. Agnès, the founder and designer, has well understood that children’s skin changes all along childhood : she makes specific soaps for 0-3 years (soothing action reinforced), 3-8 years (invigorating action)  and 8-12 years (purifying action).

You can find Enfance Paris soaps here.

Hope you like this selection! See you soon for a ‘Mum at Work’ ‘s interview!




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