At home with #12 : Olivia and Raphaël, Lyon (France)

At home with #12 : Olivia and Raphaël, Lyon.

This Wednesday, we go and talk to a French family from Lyon. Olivia and Raphaël have three daughters : Capucine, 7 years-old, Pia, 5, and Brune, 2. Raphaël works as a sales rep and Olivia, after stopping working for years, starts a new professional project.

Olivia gives us here lots of good tips for an easy and happy family life in Lyon.



What do you particularly like in your city?  I really like the city’s geography with its two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône and its beautiful bouroughs. I also enjoy being both the near mountains and not so far from the Mediterranean Sea, where I come from.

Do you think it’s easy to live in Lyon as a family? Yes, the city is very compatible with children : lots of museums with kids activities, easy and peaceful walks through the city, like in the Confluence area or in the two rivers’ banks (i.e. Rhône and Saône rivers). The La Tête d’Or’s park is just splendide… There are also many hidden gardens such as the Sutter Park in la Croix-Rousse, la Visitation Gardens near Fourvières, or the Curiosities Gardens in the Fith.

What are your favourite museums? We really like the beautiful  Confluences museum, that proposes special children tours : the place is magic! We also love all Old Lyon’s museums : especially the Cinema Museum and Gadagne museum  The Print Museum (in the 2nd arrondissement)  is also fabulous!

What are your favourite family restaurants and coffee shops ?   Pizzeria Franco et Nicolo, in the 2nd arrondissement : an institution (my husband used to go there when he was a kid)! Café Gadagne in the museum, with a great garden, and restaurant Campagne, in the 5th : very spacious and welcoming to kids!

With the girls, we love going to bakeries for a snack, such as the Little, (Franklin Street in the 2nd arrondissement), Dorodi Pastry (3rd) and Konditori in the 1st.


Do you have a special family recipe at home for dinner which would be both scrumptious and easy to make?  I love making small individual gratins : I cut some courgettes and ham into dices,  I make a Bechamel sauce (flour, milk and butter), and I stir all these ingredients together. Then, I make my own breadcrumb coating mixing old bread, hazelnut powder and Parmesan cheese. I bake the gratins for about 20 minutes and it’s ready! It was my favourite meal when I was a little girl! 

What are your favourite kids’ activities at home ? Girls enjoy DIY activities : some of Djeco’s games, but also DIY activities we find ourselves on Pinterest.

We also enjoy boardgames. Old ones from my own childhood : MastermindConnect 4, Cluedo...  We occasionally watch some DVD :  Belle and Sébastien, Where the Wild Things are, … and old cartoons : Heidi, Tom Sawyer, Princess Sarah…

What are your favourite children’s books? We read a lot : The Famous Five, Martine, Caroline, Heidi,…  I love a lot the work of Anthony Brown, Hervé Tullet and Iris de Mouy… Thanks to Instagram, I find lots of new authors and illustrators!!


Many many thanks to Olivia for all her family tips! You can find her and all her beautiful family photos on Instagram : @madamoly.

Have a lovely evening and see you on Sunday to talk about children detective and mystery books (Halloween is coming soon ! 😉 )


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