At home with… #4 : Val & Fab, Londres

At home with ... Sweet Cabane

At home with… #4 : Val & Fab, Londres

This month, we meet Valerie and Fabien, a French couple settled in London. Valerie is in charge of Horniman Museum ‘s development and Fabien is a freelance sound engineer for TV and cinema.  They have two kids : Tristan, 4 years and a half, Louise, 18 months. Valérie talks to us about their daily family life…

At home, who does what? During the week, I’m usually the one in charge of taking care of the kids at night because Fab is working : I give them a snack made up of fruits, cheese and avocado (they’ve already had dinner at the childcare centre at 5 pm) , then I bathe them. At night, we read stories and make a big hug before sleeping.  Fab usually cooks during the weekend.

What do you cook at night during the week?  A very fast and easy meal we love is fresh salmon with orange juice, soja sauce and dill : we cook this preparation in the micro-waves for 3 minutes and we eat it with rice : so delicious!  If we have absolutely no time, we choose a typical English meal : small sandwiches with cheddar, fruits, cucumber sticks and yoghurts!

Snakes and Ladders - Sweet Cabane

When the weather is bad, what do you do with children at home ?  It’s a big question because it often rains in London …  We make drawing, colouring,  paper planes…Or we play with card games like  Snakes and Ladders or memories.   We also play with the ipad or watch cartoons like Robin Hood, the Octonauts or The Jungle Book).

▪ What books do your kids love ?  We try to read French books as often as possible because our children live all the time in an English environment… Louise loves the small Gallimard sound & picture books. Tristan likes the Père Castor stories or Toni Ungerer books such as Crictor or Rufus (beautiful pictures and story). We’re also fond of the Little Golden Books : American classic stories such as The Little Red Hen.

At home with ... Sweet Cabane

Something you like to do together?  Cooking! A chocalate cake or cookies…

What is your favorite family restaurant?  We love pubs because they’re usually children friendly. The best is The Paxton, located in Crystal Palace : good food, vintage furniture, … and a garden with a toboggan! Their organic burgers are wonderful! In town, we love going to Busaba Eathai in Soho, or to one of the Wahaca Mexican restaurants : high chair, colourings,… and a delicious guacamole!

Horniman-Museum- At home with ... Sweet Cabane

Where do you like to go out with kids during the weekend? ? We truly love the Horniman Museum and Gardens where I work! It’s a fantastic place for all members of the family : museum, aquarium, hive, animals… The gardens and the view are beautiful! Moreover, there are lots of family workshops during the weekend! A very very special place to go !!!

Thanks to Valérie and Fabien for this interview! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all their daily family tips!

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