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gingerbread house - Sweet Cabane


Today Sweet Cabane goes at Nicole’s, an American mum I’ve talked about in my Mum at Work’s interviews… Every Christmas, Nicole and her two daughters are used to decorating a gingerbread house. She tells us here how she makes it…


“The gingerbread houses are a German tradition that my mom (Lucy’s and Jo’s grandma) has passed on to us.

We started when Lucy was just 3 years old, with a good friend – of course his mom and I did most of the decorating in the early years!

Now our tradition allows Lucy and Jo to creatively decorate each of their houses, with all the different candy we collect.

We purchase the kit from La Grande Epicerie, which contains all the baked separate pieces for one house, and some sugar decorations (a front door, two windows, as seen on Lucy’s house).  There is a “Hansel and Gretel” lady, a boy and a girl, a Christmas tree, a cat…)

Papa is the one who builds the houses, using tooth picks for support while the icing dries (powdered sugar and water, simply mixed rather thick so it’s not too runny, and a ziplock bag will work, just cut a corner after you’ve filled it, to make a pastry bag).

The icing is the trick, it works as the glue for all the candy.

Some of our favorite candies:  Smarties in regular and mini, the little silver and ivory balls, Vichy mints, carambar, colored sprinkles, and extra decorative candy or chocolate figures (like the specila chocolate snowman next to Lucy’s house).

Jo creatively made her own door this year, using lemon Caramba, a brown Smartie for the door knob, and Smarties for the windows!

This year, the girls each made a small pond for ice skating in front – one out of Smarties, one out of turquoise sprinkles.  Last year we used shredded coconut for allover snow.   Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless!”


Thanks a lot to Nicole!! I’m eager to build one of these wonderful houses… Aren’t you?

Next Tuesday, I will share with you one more recipe for Christmas Eve : shrimps with lime and coriander…

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