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I don’t write articles about massage and wellness. Nevertheless, I love it because, in my opinion, it allows to really relax and feel better in our body and in our  head. I met Cécile Cotten  a few months ago thanks to Lucille (whose blog lgb-etc is great). I fell in love with Cécile’s wellbeing apporach which is completely in tune with my conception of beauty.

At Cécile’s, everything is simple and natural and starts with understanding  deeply the patient’s needs. This beautician, formerly costume designer for cinema and trained in massage for over 10 years, uses only cold-pressed fine oils, cold pressed, and flouer waters (orange blossom, rose, lavender) to massage face and body . Each treatment is tailor-made, adapted to the present needs of the person. Cecile combines several massage techniques, including shiatsu, to relax and revitalize body and mind. She also uses two devices that help the body’s cells to regenerate: the Japanese infra-red Hinotori dome and the Ama ring that helps to renew water molecules in the body.

The result is stunning! After an hour with Cecile, you can feel better, fit. The proof: facial features are really smoothed and relaxed.

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo: Sweet Cabane

You can reach Cecile by phone: 06-80-08-86-77 or visit her website here.

She is also present on Instagram @cottencecile 😉


Have a wonderful week, everyone,

Lots of love

Emilie xx.

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