Magic tree-house

I do not like returning from holidays! So each year, we try to relieve the journey home with a pleasant stop-over to prolonge holidays a little bit more.

This year, we wanted some ‘adventure’ … Why not trying a night in a tree-house? Sleeping in the trees, lighting the torch … The children jumped for joy!

We just had to find the right tree-house between the South of France and Paris…


We opter for  the Domaine d’Archambaud in Beaujolais.

The cabins are in the middle of the forest, without electricity, with just a water point … but they’re very comfortable, with real beds! Because we wanted adventure … But also comfort  with our three little ones ;)!

The site is made up of three tree-houses and a fourth on the ground floor, which seemed more convenient for our youngest daughter (2 and a half).

Crédit photo : domaine d'Archambaud
Crédit photo : domaine d’Archambaud
Crédit photo : Cécile Schneider
Crédit photo : Cécile Schneider

What a great moment we spent in our magic hut ! Called the “Octogone”  (named because of its octagonal shape of course, but also in reference to “Gônes” , as we call children in the Lyon dialect), our tree-house  was wide, with a terrace overlooking the woods.

The houses were  extremely clean, with an eye for every detail: nice towels and nice curtains, nice bedding, deckchair on the terrace, books and comics available, etc.

Crédit photo : Céceile Schneider
Crédit photo : Céceile Schneider

The packed lunches and breakfasts presented in lovely baskets were very good and generous (make a reservation a few days before).

The kids really enjoyed playing as if they were adventurers  : reading  with the flashlight in their beds, running into the woods to go to the evening shower… But what probably the funniest were… composting toilets! ☺

We also appreciated that our hosts were welcoming and very helpful.

There are plenty of activities  the area: Quincié- In- Beaujolais offers many walks, including the discovery of the vineyard.


We would have stayed longer… It felt so good to slow down: be quiet, in direct contact with nature, without TV, without plug for Iphone, Ipad …nor videogames ! Falling asleep hearing the  owl’s footing  will stay in our memories for a long time.

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