Postal card #3 : summer in the Gargano, southern Italy

Puglia, Gargano - Sweet Cabane

Carte postale #3 : summer in the Gargano area (Puglia, Italy)

Hello! We’re back from our summer holidays in Puglia, in the South of Italy. What a fabulous family moment it was!! Wonderful food and places, no stress…

We love this Italian region because it’s so charming with both cultural and natural places to visit. It’s also a cool place for families : no traffic jam, no overcrowded beaches, even though there lots of Italian tourists! The gastronomy is refined but based on natural and seasonal products : burrata and caciocavallo cheeses, orecchiette pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, but also scrumptious desserts with almonds and ricotta cheese (cassata) and a very tasteful local catch.

This all I want to share with you here : it’s not a complete review but just my favourite ‘coups de coeur’!


The Adriatic coast between Mattinata (in the southern part) and Vieste (northern part) is full of lovely beaches  and hidden coves. Water is clear and warm, with small white pebbles.  I recommend the Vignanotica beach above all.

You can visit the marine caves by boat from Vieste or Mattinata : beautiful views of the coast and amazing caves! Very easy even with young children. The tour is about 3 hours, without any kind of danger.

TRABUCCI : fishermen taverns

We really loved these cabins constructed upon the sea thanks to pilings. There are dedicated to fish catch but some of them have been transformed into taverns, like the Trabucco da Mimi (Peschici) where you can eat wonderful local food and catch. (really loved their swordfish carpaccio which is worth it!!!)


Two lovely small fishermen towns with an ancient town center, small streets and amazing sea sights… As you will see!


Love of great specialties based on local and seasonal products… a very good restaurant : Il Porto in Mattinata (refined gastronomy)

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