Radiant January

Vacances Etretat - Sweet Cabane

Radiant January. I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015, full of love and projects! On Sweet Cabane, lots of articles are planned for a radiant and powerful January : an interview of a creative, dynamic and positive mum, a detox programme made by a dietetician, a presentation of a smart brand which can dye your clothes and linen with beautiful colors,… On the shop, there will be a giveaway on Instagram, next Wednesday to thank you for your support….

Italian-inspired Night In

Night In à l'italienne - Sweet Cabane

Italian-inspired Night In. Hello! This Friday, I’d like to share a spécial moment, we really enjoy at home : Friday Night. It’s a moment when my darling and I love to relax and talk about the past week… It’s a kind of ‘Night In’ date! Here you can find some ideas to create a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. I’ve chosen the Italian theme, because I’m really fond of Italian culture : a book, a picture, some popular Italian songs… to…

Fall holidays

Vacances d'automne - Sweet Cabane

Fall holidays. We’re just  coming back from family holidays inthe French countryside! I couldn’t help sharing with you some of the beautiful moments of this amazing Fall : warm colors and blue sky… Children have enjoyed this moment ‘out of time’ : lots of games in the garden’s shed, imaginary games, runs,… Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo :…

Magic picnic in Sceaux

Parc de Sceaux - Sweet Cabane

Magic picnic in Sceaux Just a few memories of our latest October picnic in Sceaux. … Just like if we still were in summer… Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit Photo : Sweet Cabane Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane I hope you’ve enjoyed this small sunny ‘break’ to start the week … As Halloween is…

Postal card #3 : summer in the Gargano, southern Italy

Puglia, Gargano - Sweet Cabane

Carte postale #3 : summer in the Gargano area (Puglia, Italy) Hello! We’re back from our summer holidays in Puglia, in the South of Italy. What a fabulous family moment it was!! Wonderful food and places, no stress… We love this Italian region because it’s so charming with both cultural and natural places to visit. It’s also a cool place for families : no traffic jam, no overcrowded beaches, even though there lots of Italian tourists! The gastronomy is refined…

Postal card #2 : De Pijp, South Amsterdam

Amsterdam - quartier de Pijp - Sweet Cabane

Postal card #2 : De Pijp, South Amsterdam During our holidays in Amsterdam, we lived in De Pijp neighbourhood (pronounce ‘de péip’ 😉 …)  that we really liked! This southern neighbourhood is very cosmopolitan, hipster and with lots of students! We can find organic groceries, fruit juice bars, restaurants and cafés… There are also quieter streets and a big park where families and students have peaceful time : Saarphatipark. In short, a very cool place to visit and to live in…

Carte postale #1 : Amsterdam en 5 mots

Amsterdam - Sweet Cabane

Postal Card #1 : Amsterdam in 5 words Just coming back from our long family weekend in Amsterdam! We’ve fallen in love with that city, so easy to visit when you are a family!  How amazing are the canals, the bicycles, the flowers growing through the path and the delicatessen (apple pie, coffee and cheese…). This beautiful city has seduced us with her calm and beauty! In a few days,  a full report about De Pijp neighbourhood, South Amsterdam… A…

Kids games

Jeux d'enfants - Sweet Cabane

 Jeux d’enfants Pluie… Soleil… Pluie… Pluie … Pluie… On est quel mois, déjà 😉 ? Augustin : Pull Bonton, jogging Louis Louise, débardeur Milibe Copenhagen; Daphné : blouse H&M, leggings Petit Bateau; Anna : blouse TUSS ; pouf tricoté à la main Zilalila

Sunny April

Ile de Ré

 Avril au soleil Petits souvenirs des vacances de la Sweet Cabane family sur la côté Ouest… De nouveaux articles dès demain, c’est promis!  

Vacances au ski dans le Vercors

Vacances au ski en famille dans le Vercors

    A l’heure des vacances au ski, je souhaiterais vous parler de notre petite station nichée au coeur du Vercors : Corrençon. Nous aimons tout particulièrement ce lieu car il est en dehors de gros circuits des vacances au ski. Ses atouts? D’abord le paysage : de jolis chalets, un petit village charmant et au calme, loin des gros ensembles immobiliers! Ensuite, la facilité d’accès et la proximité de tous les équipements : des pistes pour débutants accessibles rapidement…